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    I learn something everyday (Sport Mode Switching)

    I was watching a random YouTube video and found out if you lightly shift DOWN (not to the side) you can go from Normal to Sport mode and vice versa! Obviously only for DSG automatic but still a fun fact I just found out about and love. Many of you probably knew about this but maybe some of you...
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    3 FREE OEM Rain Guards

    Driver's side and both rears. Not important what happened to the passenger's side one lol. Comes with the little clips. Again there are ONLY three. Can meet in southern NH, southern Maine area. Not interested in shipping just don't want to throw away. Can text pics I guess but they are the OEM...
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    NH shop that does Diff + Haldex service?

    Anyone know a shop that does this correctly? I’m located in Dover. I don’t have a lift and I am not comfortable with jack stands. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    WTB Aspherical mirrors without blind spot

    I am looking for the Euro wide angle ones without blind spot monitoring. Not looking for the blue ones. They would be for a mk7 sport. Left and right. Any help or links is appreciated. Thanks!
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    WTB: Four Door 2015-2017 DSG White or Charcoal

    Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and I'm turning in a lease soon. Most important thing for me is to get (hopefully) an automatic GTI with some of the factory warranty left on it or at least a CPO with a decent amount left on it. 2017 Sport has everything I want but probably out of price...