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  1. KevinC


    Discover Pro only? Meaning won't work on anything sold in the USA, since we never received it?
  2. KevinC

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    JFC this got WAY off the rails. It's a review of a car, kids. Can we all just chill out a little?
  3. KevinC

    Question for the Pure White GTIs (bumper/body paint mismatch)

    I'm not OCD and that looks like ass to me. It's not 1970, nowadays a body shop that gives a crap about their work can easily match paint colors MUCH better than this poor effort here. I'd make them re-do it, but only if you can convince the owner/manager to agree with you that it's not up to...
  4. KevinC

    Trouble with starting from stop on 6MT

    "Vast majority"?? Source of that info? I don't believe it for a second.
  5. KevinC

    Preferred build dates for 2019 R?

    Ha, a chronic problem on '19's. The one over the driver's door on mine was just laying wide open when I bought the car - shocking that nobody would notice this when doing PDI, which doesn't speak well for the rest of the PDI. Dealer promised they'd send me a new one on Monday morning when the...
  6. KevinC

    Plastic battery cover?

    Call in an exterminator. We had a mouse in our garage in our new house shortly after moving in 2 years ago. Exterminator is here monthly and sets various traps and poison on his monthly visit. Have never had a problem since. Also keeps out the scorpions, camel spiders, and other lovely...
  7. KevinC

    Trouble with starting from stop on 6MT

    That's the official VWoA procedure for new GTI's with the stalling problem. Different situation. I'm kidding of course (maybe). My suggestion: add an Ebay clutch stop. Dirt cheap and very helpful.
  8. KevinC

    0% APR and no payments 6 months

    80 miles? Wouldn't bother me, but there are some on these forums who think anything over about 5 miles is a "used car" that must have been tragically abused already. After watching this review of a "new" Audi S4 yesterday, I fear they may have a point. Skip forward to his test runs starting at...
  9. KevinC

    Battery questions

    Just do it with OBDeleven esp since you already have it. Eazy-peazy.
  10. KevinC

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    Totally agree. I had a '16 first that I'd upgraded to the 8" matte screen with the original hard buttons. Perfect. The current glossy screen & capacitive buttons is a MASSIVE downgrade as far as I'm concerned. Might even "downgrade" it back to the old 8" setup. The Mk8 is a full blown disaster...
  11. KevinC

    Retrofit mk7.5 bsd

    Blue Screen of Death??
  12. KevinC

    Battery questions

    You have the start/stop round button for keyless go - not the "stop/start" function that stops the engine every time you come to a stop. That's clearly what the OP meant and has to be the case for your car too, because the feature didn't exist in the USA yet in '15. As for coding the battery...
  13. KevinC

    Coil over opinions/help

    Sure, but "any mod" isn't the topic here, it's coilovers. Oh ffs, nobody said anybody had to "justify" anything. Of course anyone can do whatever they want to their cars. Again, that's not the point - the guy was looking for recommendations, and that's what he got. If he wants to put a $3k...
  14. KevinC

    Battery questions

    You have start/stop on a '15, and you're in Texas? That doesn't make sense. No early Mk7's in the USA had it.
  15. KevinC

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    She's a clown, but she's also a hardcore gearhead. Has a nice stable of cars, does a lot of heavy-duty work on them by herself. Give her a chance, you would probably be surprised.
  16. KevinC

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    She's much less annoying when you realize that she wrenches on her own cars and actually is quite the gearhead...
  17. KevinC

    Mib2 Composition Media vs Discover Pro control unit brain

    You'd gain some internal storage for music - but who cares when a 64gb SD card is $15? I think the maps are also stored internally? I *think* it also supports DVDs, not positive on that one (the version in the eGolf did). Not nearly enough to warrant replacing a perfectly good Composition Media...
  18. KevinC

    0% APR and no payments 6 months

    I've not actually driven one, only read/watched various reviews, so I'll defer to your actual experience.