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  1. MichaelGTi

    People with Children

    Two kids, 1 and 4 and an amazing wife that actually supports my hobby. I find it funny how you spend 3k on car mods and people lose their shit, spend that on a set of golf clubs and no one bats an eye. Everyone has a different hobby. I work it into my budget, just like anyone else with a hobby.
  2. MichaelGTi

    Where do you stash your pistol when you're driving?

    ^^^:bellyroll: Canadian vs. American problems... euro cupholder would solve that issue, no?:iono: Doesn't look like a gun would fit, though...
  3. MichaelGTi

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Remember what happened to two and a half men when Charlie Sheen got sacked? I hope the BBC does.
  4. MichaelGTi

    Malaysian Flight MH370

    The aliens took it.
  5. MichaelGTi

    Walking dead !

    Best episode in a long time imo. That whole Lizzie/Mika situation traumitized me, I almost cried. Wonder how long Carol can hold on before snapping, she's been through hell a couple of times now.
  6. MichaelGTi

    Mk7 on Canada Website

    Meh, free healthcare is like free tacos, you get what you pay for... Pricing comparison is in my post. Base on the 4 door is higher by about 2800 than base on the mk6, but I'm guessing the sport package (roof/18s) is standard now as it's no longer listed as an option package. For the 2 door...
  7. MichaelGTi

    Mk7 on Canada Website

    The base 2 door is actually about $2000 cheaper than the mk6, with a loaded 4 door about the same price. When I priced it out it was within a few hundred of my car with same equipment. The 42k is including all fees and taxes. The mk6 R was closer to 46k all in. We pay more for cars here yes, but...
  8. MichaelGTi

    Explain your User Name.

    My first 4 attempts at usernames were apparently already taken, couldn't bother to keep trying so used my first name and car. Afterwards thought of using my xbox live username but not sure how to/if I can change it.
  9. MichaelGTi

    What're you gonna do with your tax refund?

    baby #2 is due in about a month so yeah, its already spent...
  10. MichaelGTi

    OFFICIAL---or not I had a dumb fight with my spouse and still don't know WTF happened

    lol...wife wrecks car, yells at you for it then storms off. I think every married guy has had a similar experience at some point. If you've made up already just let it go, man. She's a woman and we as men will never ever understand. Don't try, just smile and nod, hopefully she doesn't bring it...
  11. MichaelGTi

    The official Hate thread.

    Good on you for not reacting and giving him what he deserved...that would have made you as much a piece of shit as he is. He's obviously trying to make himself feel better about his own pathetic existence by pointing out (real or imagined) shortcomings in others, let him have his moment...
  12. MichaelGTi

    Tell your ghost stories!

    ^^^lol now that's a scary story:laugh: Anyway, I was very tight with my grandmother, I spent more time with her than I did with anyone else in my family from childhood up til my late 20s when she passed away. My grandfather passed away about 12 years ago and she took it really hard, to be...
  13. MichaelGTi

    Travel Agent or Book Online?

    Keep in mind booking online all you know about your destination is what you see don't know all the dirty little details a travel agent might be privy to that could make the difference between a great vacation and a nightmare. Booking international travel without an agent can be like...
  14. MichaelGTi

    When it rains, it pours

    Looks like the cop checked off no court, then scratched it off (compared to his other check marks) and wrote court appearance set by clerk. I question the validity of that ticket though, seems confusing the way he has it written up like that. Either way that's a big ticket, I would fight it...
  15. MichaelGTi

    The Picture Game #2

  16. MichaelGTi

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hello everyone, name's Michael, from Bolton, ON. Just picked up a new black 2013 MK6 6MT 4dr with sport/leather package. I'm a complete noob to VW, always drove Nissan and Honda but have always liked the GTI and finally decided to try it. Glad I did this car is incredible, the more I drive it...