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  1. NewaveRide

    Lets start a thread of great remixes

    just thought we could see what other people have found. hip hop origin preferred but post what you got. Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness (Benny Benassi Remix) Notorious BIG- Party and Bullsh*t (Ratatat Remix)
  2. NewaveRide

    NASA making attempts to use URINE/Sweat for water

    dont think i ever wanna travel to the moon anymore
  3. NewaveRide

    aussie hip-hop hard to find

    so there are tons of aussie hip-hop artists that i like alot including: hilltop hoods pegz downsyde funkoars urthboy the herd i just cant seem to find their music anywhere here in the US and downloading doesnt seem to get me too far either. i have found a couple cds online but paying 35 bucks...
  4. NewaveRide

    if you drive like this then go shred your license not much of an explanation needed. discuss
  5. NewaveRide

    anyone see the kimbo v. tank fight?

    the fight was rather quick but still a good fight none the less. kimbo will eventually rule the world
  6. NewaveRide

    Off to PA I go

    so me and the GF are getting our last things together and we are leaving today to go up to PA to look for an apartment. unfortunately there are quite a bit of nasty storms to hit today so wish us luck. im gonna try to get some pictures and hopefully ill have an update on when im moving...
  7. NewaveRide

    A great way to start off a paid vacation!

    [Official] 50mm f1.8-f1.4 Picture Thread so today i went over to ritz camera and picked up a 50mm f1.8 macro lens and im in love :wub: a friend and i decided to spend the whole day taking pictures :thumbup: let me know what you think
  8. NewaveRide

    Skills on crutches with a great song by a great artist
  9. NewaveRide

    Kid throws huge party and makes the news (hilarious)

    the news interviews the kid and acts like a smartass. its pretty funny
  10. NewaveRide

    So this kid just got owned to the MAX (online and real life) just read it and laugh. prolly the best ownage ever
  11. NewaveRide

    8 Diagrams of AMAZINGNESS

    so i just picked up the new wu-tang cd and it is amazing. its nothing at all like a lot of the newer rap we got now-a-days. each song has its own sound. my current favorite songs off the album are: wolves (features george clinton for any of you funk fans, i am) the heart gently weeps (there own...
  12. NewaveRide

    Finally!! After a long wait..... ITS HERE

    my 2000th post lol
  13. NewaveRide

    digital slr for xmas, what to get?

    so im looking to get a digital slr for x-mas. i cant ask for something insanely expensive like a nikon d80. i'm looking around the 500 range and i just wanted some opinions on the d40 and the canon xti rebel. also any others are more than welcome to be added
  14. NewaveRide

    guys drives a supra and a civic with his mouth!

    watch this all the way to the end, the civic part is hilarious
  15. NewaveRide

    what are some good technical schools?

    so i decided that engineering is too hard for me and id rather just be a mechanic. ive been looking around for some auto-tech schools but i thought i'd see what you guys have to suggest as well. i'm looking for something in the mid-atlantic area but i'll take all suggestions
  16. NewaveRide

    How about this bump in the trunk?? may not be safe for work lololol
  17. NewaveRide

    New found music to check out

    so my friend went to australia over the summer for the study abroad program, and he came back with a pretty kick ass cd. theyre called the Hilltop Hoods. theyre kick ass and you should check them out
  18. NewaveRide

    ATHF premiere

    just to let you guys know, the movie supposedly premieres on sunday, at 10 pm eastern time on cartoon network. theres a bunch of commercials so i think thats what it is. let me know if im wrong
  19. NewaveRide

    Do You Do It???

    any one else here dip (like skoal, coppenhagen, grizzly, kodiak or what not. or even red man or something like that) if you dont do it have you at least tried it? just something ive wondered
  20. NewaveRide

    A couple videos i made

    just watch them and let me know what you think. one more is on the way.