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  1. imthanick_a

    MK7 Confessions

    Discovered a leaky rear passenger tire =(. Gonna let it go. Luckily my air hose reel is hanging directly next to my rear passenger tire from the garage ceiling so its easy enough to top it off
  2. imthanick_a

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Finally put in the new spark plugs I bought in 2020 and changed my oil. FYI - a piece of pex thats pinched on the end is perfect for retrieving and starting the threads on the spark plugs without having to worry about cross threading cuz the plug will slip in the PEX. How do the plugs look after...
  3. imthanick_a

    Mk7 suspension issues/noises/advice. CLICK HERE FIRST!

    after 3 years, im finally proving to myself and realizing that it is in fact my brakes pads clanging around inside the caliper that is causing my "suspension clunk". If I ride the brakes the very minimum amount possible before the car actually starts to slow down, the car doesnt clunk over...
  4. imthanick_a

    Keep the CF Hood and Fenders ??

    Looks rice to me as well but I'd keep them haha
  5. imthanick_a

    Slow Hazard When Locked

    Why were you charging the battery after every time you drove the car??
  6. imthanick_a

    E85 SUCKS!

    I run a blend in the summer. I always fill up when the needle first hits the red. Usually about 10 gallons total. 7-8 gallons of 93 and 2-3 gallons of e85. never had a problem. I accidentally ran 8 gallons of e85 and 2 gallons of 93 once. That was spicy. I just kept topping off with 93 every day...
  7. imthanick_a

    Did I drain the axle oil?

    Hijacking the thread for a similar question: When you remove the single axle bolt from the wheel hub is it normal for grease to pour out? It happened on my gti when I lowered it. I just packed some CV grease in with a syringe and never thought about it again
  8. imthanick_a

    Looking for doors... Junkyard search. You can find local yards or anywhere in the country and some will ship parts to you
  9. imthanick_a

    Schwaben scan tool

    Hey all, just wanted to point this out Was looking for a scan tool and found that this one: is (I believe) identical to the Schwaben one...
  10. imthanick_a

    Do shops charge to upload a tune?

    One of a couple reasons I went with uni - need to re-flash every 2 years for e-check I also just bought a 70 dollar laptop to keep in the toolbox so I don't have to disassemble my gaming desktop to bring it into the garage for the tune lol
  11. imthanick_a

    Has anyone broken their lug bolts when over tightening the wheels?

    I use a pittsburgh 1/2" as well. I brought it to work to calibrate it on our torque testers and its accurate within 1 or 2 ftlb so i dont think twice about it
  12. imthanick_a

    APR subframe / Dogbone Insert

    Replying to sub. Been in the market to replace my bent 034 with something sturdy
  13. imthanick_a

    Sudden Perfume Smell

    this was too good to not say something
  14. imthanick_a

    Sudden Perfume Smell

    Wait a minute, I just got random notifications for this thread and revived it. So after chastising every single person who told you "just wait and the smell will go away", and all the abuse you gave them over their genuine answers, you WAITED and the SMELL WENT AWAY. jeeez louise.
  15. imthanick_a

    Cutting down on brake dust

    Great feedback, thanks!
  16. imthanick_a

    Cutting down on brake dust

    dont mean to hijack the thread, but how do you like the atlas? looking at getting one for my dad-mobile. either an atlas, cross sport, kia telluride, kia carnival, or if i'm feeling fancy those new genesis gv series are pretty slick
  17. imthanick_a

    Cutting down on brake dust

    I run centric posi-quiet pads and am really happy with them. Kinda squeaky sometimes but they stop HARD and don't make much dust.
  18. imthanick_a

    actual Eibach Pro-Kit lowering height

    recalibrating your DCC will also reset the headlight leveling if you have a LP car. and itll let you know if you flipped the ride height sensor linkage the wrong way when you reinstalled everything. axe me how i know