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  1. lou06483

    Eibach rear sway bar "squeak" (?) when cold, suggestions for lube?

    OK I went down to the garage an opened up the grease gun--- This is what I use---PROTHANE 19-1751 Super Grease. The tube cost some $45....
  2. lou06483

    Eibach rear sway bar "squeak" (?) when cold, suggestions for lube?

    PS- be sure to use the CORRECT grease for poly bushings--I purchased a tube for my grease gun YEARS ago---Sorry I don't have vendor info on this---A Google search will point you in the right direction PSS- the shit is expensive(I remember that).....
  3. lou06483

    Eibach rear sway bar "squeak" (?) when cold, suggestions for lube?

    FWIW- I installed theses on my RSB YEARS ago and have zero noise---simply re-lube yearly These can be had for bars sized from 25 to 28mm
  4. lou06483

    A/C Does not work correctly and a ticking from the glove compartment

    Sorry-I've NO idea how the two are different----There's printed info on the part---I used a mechanics mirror to read it...tried using the phone to snap a photo but couldn't get the damn thing to focus PS- This is typical VW/Audi silliness---you can see the part but will have fun getting tools on...
  5. lou06483

    A/C Does not work correctly and a ticking from the glove compartment

    If you're lazy you can simply disconnect the plug---you'll have no cabin re-circulation....Not a big deal. Everything else works fine Push the tab on the connector with a LONG screw driver and give the wires a gentle tug.... FWIW- I purchased the V113 motor but didn't install it for a LONG time...
  6. lou06483

    A/C Does not work correctly and a ticking from the glove compartment

    CLICKING NOISE by the glove box is caused by a damaged Re-circulation Flap Motor-- $200 item from VW---- MUCH cheaper from the after-market
  7. lou06483

    55k gti pre carbon cleaning pics. *is38 e35 tune 25k miles.

    THANKS for sharing! Question- Any oil change history??? (miles and oil brand)
  8. lou06483

    Can anyone help me identify this sound? Clicking somewhere behind glove box on start up.

    FWIW- I had this failure JUST after the warranty period on our '15 GTI S No joy with the dealer for a warranty repair---figures... At the time I didn't want to spend the $200 for the replacement valve and simply disconnected the damn thing using a LONG screw driver to depress the tang on the...
  9. lou06483

    P00B7 Code need some diagnostic help, please

    FWIW- This code is for BOTH coolant flow and coolant liquid level.... The latter is easy to check---remove the connector on the top of the bottle. Inspect the condition of the pins(clean with no contamination/corrosion) and wires If OK put a jumper across it to see if the warning goes away. If...
  10. lou06483

    VCDS check timing chain stretch

    FWIW-RE-VCDS Measuring BLOCK 93 To my knowledge there's NO VW spec limit on this....(which I find very odd) What I've heard from VW/Audi techs is that + - 5 deg is considered the limit where work HAS to be done. Keep in mind that's an indication of + or - 5 degrees. The ENGINE MECHANICAL, FUEL...
  11. lou06483

    Increase engine idle speed

    FWIW-On a STOCK 2015 GTI-S 6 sp FAN SPEED knob---turn it to 1 and watch tach move up approx 50 rpm I noticed this when I first got the car home and was playing with the AC and such...have the switch always set on 1 and adjust higher when needed.... Smooths out the idle very nicely....
  12. lou06483

    My first accident..

    Good to hear nobody was injured---It will interesting to hear of the out come with your insurance carrier. AGAIN- glad no one was hurt
  13. lou06483

    17 S, non PP pack brake options?

    Go tp ROCKAUTO look for the Centric High Carbon Rotors-- Front---125.33098 Rear--- 125.33131 MUCH more cost effective and they work fine PS- these are the rotors used by STOPTECH For a STREET pads I like the AKEBONO pads PSS- I uses this combination on both my Audi and GTI--STREET use only--pads...
  14. lou06483

    Brake bleed question. Newb here.

    FWIW- In general you start with the caliber furthest from the master cylinder--in our case that's the passenger rear. If you review the service manual, however, it describes something very different---- you start at the closest caliber and work back 1- Front left brake caliper 2 - Right front...
  15. lou06483

    Question about bumper covers (I need a new one)

    Me AGAIN- install the fog light trim first, then the skin bottom tray then the center grill and lastly screw in the fog lamp assemblies and snap in the (2) air flow deflectors
  16. lou06483

    Question about bumper covers (I need a new one)

    FWIW- I had to replace my bumper skin due to an off road adventure---don't ask..... The skin is expensive---$521 for an OE part(primed) and another $375 for the prep and painting. I spent more time harvesting the plastic parts off the old bumper skin than in removing and installing the...
  17. lou06483

    A-pillar trim clip removal w/o damaging

    FWIW- Here's the old thread regarding the A-pillar removal DETAILED photos are included!!!! This was VERY useful when I needed to eliminate a "rattle" in the passenger A-pillar back in 2018
  18. lou06483

    Removing cigarette smoke smell?

    FWIW- Try a SCENTED dryer sheet---No laughing now-works well! Place a several of them on the floor mats-front and rear.
  19. lou06483

    Steering angle sensor causing multiple warnings

    Try a steering adaptation (G85 sensor)-as mentioned above PS--this will work for the MKVII With that sensor integral with the rack(and NOT serviceable) I can only imagine what a replacement rack would...
  20. lou06483

    Coolant leak, top rear of engine.

    Something to look at---Item-11 VW PN 06K 121 143 $6.50 part