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    Which Boot Liner

    Which boot liner do you guys recommend ideally want one for the lowered position. Liked the weather tech one but is £90 including delivery so a bit pricey.
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    Quick Detailer Drying Aid

    Hi All, I cuurently use Demon Shine. I use it after washing and rinsing as a drying aid/hard water spot remover and to top up shine. So wash rinse then spray each panel before drying with a MF Towel. You can get it quite cheap and whilst its not the best does the job i use it for quite well but...
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    What product for Black Plastic

    hi guys just wondering what products you are using to keep the black plastic tip top, my car is white so the contrast with a deep black is especially important. currently using Valet Pro Talos
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Gave it a Wash and Sealed the Wheels ready for the winter using Polished Bliss Wheel Seal and shine. New product for me so will be interesting to see how it performs
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    Sealant for GTD Wheels

    What are you guys all using, was going to buy some autoglym today but noticed it said not suitable for dark rims and as the GTD has a mix of black and polished metal probably no good.
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    Ne car

    Picked up my new car today. Absolutely love it can't stop smiling Will get a better pic after some cleaning and when the sun is shining horrible day here in Suffolk
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    New Member

    Just put a deposit on a GTD 3650 miles can't wait to collect next weekend. Anything I should be looking out for, before the obvious is mentione not bothered by emissions scandal and it may have just helped me get a cracking deal.