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    Measure your crankshaft axial clearance, detect crankwalk before its too late?

    i'm curious to what mine would read, low miles but i've had a remote start since day i installed my SB clutch. No depressing clutch to start car.
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    In a bit of a pickle, could really use some other R owners input...

    Car looks great!. i also took a chance on a rebuilt title car back in 2020 and its been great. mine had 6k miles on it when i bought it after it was fixed by person who had bought it at auction.
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    2016 GTI Journal

    cold starts are the worst...I bought a remote start and hoping that prolongs life of my golf R...I bought my car with 6k miles, at 9k miles i upgraded to a SB clutch (and went stage 2) and soon after installed remote starter so i no longer have to depress clutch to start car. it has 19k at the...
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    Engine Mount -- Is It Done?

    no, just the engine/trans mount.
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    Engine Mount -- Is It Done?

    i was hesitant on getting mounts but got a deal on used superpro's and nvh is minimal....I'm sure once i install a dogmount it will get louder.
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    Aftermarket clutches vs Crank Walk

    Its a viper, not sure what model shop installed..i did loose a key for this to work. I took a short vid and uploaded to youtube.
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    Aftermarket clutches vs Crank Walk

    I ended up getting a remote start so now no more clutch depressed on start up.