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    Vacuum/ HPFP Install frustration!

    next time take the hpfp off so your not fighting the follower. These should not be hard to take on and off.
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    2019 Maintenance schedule question

    I did. IT also says if equipped Which your car is not.
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    2019 Maintenance schedule question

    most likely related to the mk8 R rear diff.
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    Oil/fuel smell when pulling to a stop

    It's from no cats. Mine was pretty bad running 91. On E85 it just smells good now.
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    FS - Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake for Mk7 GTI - SF Bay Area

    willing to ship or meet up if you are ever in socal?
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    Ammonia smell coming out of the coolant reservoir

    Get your car out of there asap. 1 they are pulling something on you or 2 the tech fd up and trying to get the customer as in you or insurance to cover his or her ass. Or they have no work and are trying everything they can to get hours into the shop.
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    cold start / idle misfire below 1k rpm

    Honestly i dont know. I put EQT coil grounding kit on and either misfires stopped during that time or that fixed it but i doubt it. Maybe i had a bad batch of fuel? I run E85 about 98% of the time now and had a CEL pop up the other day for cylinder #2 misfire during start up. I noticed the car...
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    Golf R Hood

    Use a magnet
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    Supermoto's GTI Wrap Progress Log

    Very nice, i have the 701 supermoto. These bikes are an absolute blast.
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    Supermoto's GTI Wrap Progress Log

    random but what kind of supermoto you got?
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    Center Air Vents won't blow air

    Dash does not need to come out either btw
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    Center Air Vents won't blow air

    a/c blend door motor i think its called. IT's PITA to get to, basically right behind the instrument cluster on the right
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    I think 19" came in 3 colors. I cannot confirm if they where powder coated i bought the car with em like that.
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Have a set of four grey Pretoria's with 235/35R19 firehawk indys 6/32 tread posted on the wheel section, location IE or OC $1200.
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    19" Pretoria grey set of four 235/35/19 fire hawk indy 500 6/32 tread all four. Sothern California OC / IE ($1200)

    Selling set of four grey Pretoria wheels with 235/35R19 indy firehawk 500s 6/32 tread depth. Passenger rear wheel has very small curb rash (bought like this from dealer) $1200 for all four wheels and tires.
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

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    FS: Bilstein B16 Damptronic coilovers 49-255874

    Indeed they would.. Wonder how much shipping would be