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    Interesting you said "noise is fine" I installed 18" DWS06 plus on my 2017 GTI in Nov. Recently the rear seems to be getting louder. Constant drone Performance wise no complaints. I had DWS previously, but don't recall having a noise issue. Tires inflated to 37 and running nitrogen...
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    Not sure if I should post this here... I have a MK7 GTI with JB4 w/bluetooth. Its been working fine for several years. I connected to it a few weeks ago but today when I tried it says "no device detected" I've tried all the basics - toggling bluetooth on my iphone, uninstalled/reinstalled...
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    Advice needed vibration after installing used wheels with brand new DWS06 plus tires

    Had wheels inspected by a wheel repair shop and they confirmed wheels are perfect no bends. They rebalanced but still slight vibration over 70. I’m guessing it’s the center rings. I might try another set of hub rings or maybe metal but most say to stick with plastic. Will probably start...
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    Advice needed vibration after installing used wheels with brand new DWS06 plus tires

    I purchased a set of used Konig Oversteers and installed them with new Continental DWS 06 plus tires this week. I'm getting slight vibration from the rears (I dont feel anything in the steering wheel) Alignment was done same day by dealership and didnt fix the issue. Discount Tire has...
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    JB4 Logging, stacking and Map 6 Discussion

    I’m looking to see how to get map 6. 2017 GTI with DSG Drop in VWR filter CTS turbo inlet CSS muffler with resonator delete (not sure that’s important) 93 octane NE Ohio Will upload logs shortly.
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    Help needed infotainment 8" display rebooting

    Funny you mention that.... i found another thread in a different forum and they said the same thing / or upgrading the software. I just pulled out the NAV card and drove around and it was stable. I will wait a few more days before confirming that was the fix. If it is, I wonder if I need...
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    Help needed infotainment 8" display rebooting

    I bought an upgraded 8" display from MauricioGTI (like lots of other people... he is great btw and system has worked great for about 2 months) Just recently it started freezing and you cant use touch controls. Then it reboots. This keeps happening every 10 minutes, even with nothing plugged...
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    Oem roof rack, Bike attachment and fairing

    NIL if you can ship 44067
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    OEM 8" MIB 2.5 (MK7.5) Display

    Got mine very quickly from Maurico. A+++ Very helpful and packaged perfectly. No issues.
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    WTB: Garage Vary Reife Rear Roof Spoiler

    I know... I almost cried when I saw the price. Its same price as an Oettinger. I really want this spoiler but its crazy $$. I just like the clean look of it. Maybe I can 3D print one... lol
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    Anyone know what brand wheels these are?

    Thanks. I tried reading the logo on the wheel and thought it was Kona so I was close... Thanks a bunch for figuring that out. I just need to see if available in the USA and how much.
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    Anyone know what brand wheels these are?

    Trying to figure out what brand these wheels are and if they come in 18" Anyone recognize them? Its from this video Volkswagen Golf GTi and R (MK7.5) - XForce Performance Exhaust System
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    WTB: Garage Vary Reife Rear Roof Spoiler

    Trying to find one of these spoilers used. Can't afford the price direct from manufacturer. Hoping someone might have one or know where to get one cheaper. Fingers crossed... Thanks
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    Anyone own or seen Garage Vary Reife rear spoiler?

    I really like this spoiler but its over $500 + painting. Curious if anyone owns this or has seen anything similar? It looks clean and exactly what I'm looking for, just not the price. Will probably end up with ECS Tuning spoiler since I want other items front lip, rear diffuser, wheels...
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    Help needed check engine light came on have code info

    I remember the cap not clicking and having trouble closing it when I filled it a few days ago. I just went out and took it off and reseated it and it definitely clicked this time. No power loss or gas smell. I have felt several misses when sitting at idle after I first installed the JB4...
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    Help needed check engine light came on have code info

    Hi, Need help... wasted so much time because went to use my obdeleven for the first time for an issue and wouldnt load / connect... find out they updated their software and my old droid 4.x no longer supported... and you need a new obdeleven device for iphone since it was a hardware...
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    *SOLD* - Aerofabb Spoiler Extension

    Is this still available? Looks like you opened another post as sold.