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    So like, how many womanz has you banged?

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    So is this place a ghost town yet?

    ^^ :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    The Next Car Swap

    Damn that's a shame, but you've got some good choices here. Good luck.
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    Where do you stash your pistol when you're driving?

    That's because your country is civilized. +3 :laugh::clap:
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    If dealership damage your car while in service...

    It'll be fine. Accidents happen. Let them fix it and move on. They have OEM paint.
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    Jeremy Clarkson to be officially sacked by BBC tomorrow

    Yea, Jezza writes for the Sun, but I believe that job is not affected.
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    Jeremy Clarkson to be officially sacked by BBC tomorrow

    The Intellectual Property question is a good one, and the fallout should be interesting. The Beeb may very well own the rights to The Stig and the SIARPC, but time, and the British courts, will tell. My question is, will Jezza continue to be involved with, and write his monthly column in, TG...
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    My new 2015 Golf R came in!

    ^Wait, which bad-ass vehicle is your R? Great photo! Best of luck with the car.
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    Deadly Kentucky Train Crash With Toyota Camry

    Yup. Ever see people pulled over by airport runways just to watch planes take off and land? Not terribly different...
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    Deadly Kentucky Train Crash With Toyota Camry

    I used to work in the railroad industry and we called those people FRN's, which stood for Fucking Rail Nuts. As you said, they'd gather at a crossing and film/photograph trains going by. They'd listen in on the engineer's radio communications and would follow specific locomotives by their...
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    This. This is why I've called him a liar before. He says shit and then says, or does, the opposite. Damn, it's fun to come back to the old haunts to bust trev's little baby ballz. In for n99dz. Barnes, come over to our new forumz!!
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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

    I read that as, "I want a beer in hand and a dick in my vagine." :laugh:
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    Finally a legit reason to be concerned about your mental health! :p
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    Working on it. Busy at work at the moment. Will my post count transfer over?
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    I'm down for this.
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    Sad day for GolfMk6. I hope you're happy.