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  1. Michael gti07

    cannot raise engine idle w/vcds

    Thanks, seems like a running change at vw for facelift cars. Idle seems rough generally in ea888 v.3 engines. I've read tunes idle is generally better than stock programming. I haven't yet because I keep planning for a gstreet autocross class, but that hasn't happened yet........
  2. Michael gti07

    cannot raise engine idle w/vcds

    !@@##$$%%%$#@@!!!! Guess I'll have to put in sport in heavy stop and go traffic............
  3. Michael gti07

    cannot raise engine idle w/vcds

    Thank you, to clarify. I've done plenty of vcds mods/resets before. The problem is I literally cannot find the option to adapt/modify idle compensation. Anybody have a more specific address , IDEO#### and module it is under? Did VW change something in the facelift Rabbit GTI's? There's one I'm...
  4. Michael gti07

    cannot raise engine idle w/vcds

    I've a 2019 Rabbit dsg. Just finished installing all the mounts last month , trans, engine, and dogbone. Try as I might, I cannot find the vcds option to raise engine idle. Either 01 engine, or 09 cent. Elec.. nothing... I'm using vcds v23.3.1, on a decent laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't...
  5. Michael gti07

    BFI Stage 1 Engine & Tranny Mounts

    By the way, how does the remaining rubber hold up (no pun) with the much harder BFI insert carrying the load? I really like the full replacement, and will check it after some mileage. I'll take a video of master cylinder motion to check under brake pedal pressure at that time.
  6. Michael gti07

    BFI Stage 1 Engine & Tranny Mounts

    Thanks all. I solved the problem by using 2 crescent wrenches and a level and forced the battery support ears flat and level. I also elongated the master brace holes abit. All together and its great! Gti Jake, I may just do that.... The supports on the full bfi mount are quite a bit less stiff...
  7. Michael gti07

    BFI Stage 1 Engine & Tranny Mounts

    Oh, and it's a late model mount welded together. So, I dont think it would be a good idea to cut the welds and use a stg1 insert.
  8. Michael gti07

    BFI Stage 1 Engine & Tranny Mounts

    I finally got around to installing the BFI transmission mount. What a bear! Actually, I'm not done. I've a conflicting mod issue. I had the ECS Master Brake Cylinder Brace. Super happy with it. I put it over the BFI, and its around 1/2" lower. Placing the foot too low to brace the end of...
  9. Michael gti07

    Mk7.5 GTD Tyre Pressure

    If you have a constant slow drop, double check the treads for small nails. I had a slow leak for months, and finally looked, found the culprit. Failing that, you might need the sensored valve stem sealing kit to replace a valve stem. Especially if it loses air alot when the temperature swings...
  10. Michael gti07

    My start/stop is aggressive at creeping speeds

    Thanks, I've got the latest full vcds setup. The module route is strongly under consideration, but I was hoping for a tweak or hint on dialing back the aggressive stop at low speeds. ..... Well, its been 2 years since I redid my dsg adaptations, and 1 years since dsg service. It may just come...
  11. Michael gti07

    Golf MK7 Start-Stop system fault/Audio fault

    If you scan and find no ignition faults, I'd say the engine mounts need replacing. VW makes them hydraulic and soft. I've had 2 oem sets either soften up, or crush down in under 4 years. Also, this is a gdi engine. Going to need a carbon cleaning eventually.
  12. Michael gti07

    My start/stop is aggressive at creeping speeds

    I've maybe a odd problem with my Start/Stop on my 2019 mk7.5 rabbit. The start/stop is sometimes aggressive in shutting down when the engine is warmed up. I'll be creeping up to a light and it turns off at 1 or 2 mph. The car is actually still moving! No other problems, it just has that odd...
  13. Michael gti07

    teardown my mk7.5 rabbit engine side mount

    I've a 2019 Rabbit with 45k, and have replaced my engine side mount with a BFI, street density. So in order to get rid of my extras I took apart the Engine Side Motor Mount. Part # 5q0 199 262 bq (30.11.2018), removed just after 45k miles, and I was surprised how soft it feels. I can twist the...
  14. Michael gti07

    Audi aluminum subframe on Mk7 Gti

    The washers in question date from the mk5 era? They may fit over the lip on the kit collars, or not. They have a knurled pattern and some long positioning tabs, right? They predate all the collar kits, and did solve the movement issue, but not for everyone. I think you'd have better results...
  15. Michael gti07

    Help, Bought decent budget front lip, but need a bit of advice

    I saw it in someones post (June/July 2022 ?), and bought it in August 2022, for my 2019 GTI Rabbit. I remember the person who bought it said to replace the trash screws it came with. I've no problem screwing into the black...
  16. Michael gti07

    Tail and backup light puzzle

    Reset the bulb out code. With a helper in a shaded area, see if lights flash the lights when you turn the car on. Check the functions with your helper. Sometimes the cold check is persistent. This is the behavior I see when the car doesn't like new leds in incandescent housings, so it may be...
  17. Michael gti07

    Drilled through the bolt, still can't come out

    it appears I've no cage, just the plastic clip frame.
  18. Michael gti07

    Drilled through the bolt, still can't come out

    Do all mk7, mk7.5 GTI have the cage for the ecu? Ive a set of BFI mounts to install, sometime this year....... (typing fast, so I can run outside to check mine).........................
  19. Michael gti07

    Anyone else have a headlight bug?

    Compressed air with a filter on it to prevent compressor oil from contaminating anything. Mine (2019 lighting package) aren't sealed the best either. Also, anybody know how to clean out the insides of the headlights without taking them apart? I noticed recently that lens on my lighting package...
  20. Michael gti07

    MK7 Noise from the front (hood/bonnet)

    I hear tread noise. What brand of tire? It really sounds like a offroad tire, or heavily treaded winter tire. Did you replace tires for bad wear issues? Maybe alignment is off? Too much toe in or out! (Weak possibility) -- Are all the screws in place in the undertray, and wheel wells? Get...