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  1. TheJokker

    GTI life cylce

    Lowered cars look great but after owning one I will never again own a lowered car. I love being able to drive fast and not having to worry about bottoming out my car on inclines and road imperfections. Maybe I'm not the only one?
  2. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    No... The VAQ (eLSD) is an electronically controlled mechanical Limited Slip differential. GTI's without the performance package uses the brake simulated differential you are describing.
  3. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    Actually they (TCR racers) ditched the whole transmission to save weight... The Wavetrac is a fine LSD and for some the only option. The Clubsport S "proves" you can build a very fast car around...
  4. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    Let's say hypothetically one is building a racing team. One is not going to make their decision of which LSD to use based upon fan boi marketing hype, They are going to base their decision on real world data. VW's work at Nürburgring demonstrates the VAQ is a measurably effective solution to...
  5. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    You are focusing on how it works and not what it does. It does function as a LSD. Take a look at the top 100 lap times at Nürburgring. A VW GTI Clubsport S with PP is in the top 100 best laptimes (#80). In the right hands it is a very effective LSD. It outperformed "Supercars". Almost...
  6. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    Yet they call it an eLSD... Sorry but you are not thinking about this logically. You are defining a differential by "how" it does something rather than "what it does". A limited slip differential is a solution to a specific problem: Keeping proper rotation of the wheels during a turn to...
  7. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    It's a different kind of differential.
  8. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    Semantics... Yes; it's not an old school LSD but an eLSD. An electronically controlled Limited Slip Differential:
  9. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    It is going to perform similar to a mechanical differential and is an OEM solution so if there are any issues it can be resolved under warranty. A professional racing team would almost certainly choose an aftermarket solution but for your average driver the PP differential is very, very nice...
  10. TheJokker

    Performance Package?

    The differential...
  11. TheJokker

    Downpipe What's the best brand ?

    I recently bought a downpipe from Jake and I almost wanted to keep it as some kind of Steampunk art and hang it on my wall; it was beautiful. It was an easy install and, with the midpipe resonator, it sounds perfect. Not too loud but with a satisfying growl. With AWE and APR out of the...
  12. TheJokker

    The right exhaust

    You can always wait and save up a little more money and get a downpipe and resonator from Jake. The ideal solution is only a little more money.
  13. TheJokker

    19 GTI bucking under low load

    Yeah; sounds like lugging. Think of the power band of your care as between 2,000 rpm and up. You never want to accelerate, even slight or mild acceleration, unless you are in that power band. Lugging occurs when you try and accelerate under 2,000 rpm's. It's very hard on your clutch. The...
  14. TheJokker

    Are MK7s common targets for car thieves?

    I love my GTI so much I have this reoccurring dream where I go to my parked car and it is gone and I spend the dream looking for it. In one dream my Dad, who died 20 years ago, asked me why I keep buying the same car when it has been stolen a dozen times? I bought an R. Maybe not in real life...
  15. TheJokker

    2 Door GTI's

    My precious...
  16. TheJokker

    Drove FRS .... GTI now feels like an SUV

    If you look at the top 100 laptimes at Nurburgring you will see a VW Clubsport S at number 80. A look at the cars with slower times suggests the only limitation to a GTI is the driver...
  17. TheJokker

    Should I use a car cover during the winter?

    I live in Florida and there have been days in the past 5 years when storms came through with 50+ mph winds and it never blew my cover off.
  18. TheJokker

    Should I use a car cover during the winter?

    There are going to be days and nights when that will blow away... The car is not going to be inside all the time.
  19. TheJokker

    Should I use a car cover during the winter?

    I live out in the country and woods surround my property. I have used a car cover for almost 5 years now. It's not perfect but it will offer far more protection than nothing. I take off the cover the exact same way every time and put on the cover on the same way every time and it takes me...
  20. TheJokker

    Ground clearance issue: Bilstein B8 and H&R sport springs

    There are few things as sexy as a lowered car but I will never again own one because I like sufficient ground clearance. I hated having to drive like an old lady looking out for speed bumps, road imperfections and steep inclines.