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  1. JakeFromStateFarm

    If you're considering and aftermarket LSD... know the risks.

    Just wanted to share my experience... I put in an LSD in my manual transmission a couple years ago. I don't ever track my car, but it was a nice upgrade for spirited driving. I had it for 25k miles and haven't had any issues with it until the other day. I went to start going in first gear and...
  2. JakeFromStateFarm

    Hesitation/misfires with steady, light throttle

    Anyone else experience this? It happens occasionally when holding a constant speed using very light throttle (but not none). Is it just the ecu leaning things out too much? Anything I should worry about? I'm running Brisk Silvers, if that matters...
  3. JakeFromStateFarm

    Southbend Stage 3 Daily Clutch 1500 mile review (IS38/APR)

    I'm not much of a writer so I'll try to keep this short. Install/break-in/wear: I had the clutch and a Peloquin LSD installed this past february by a VAG shop I've been going to. I was told to go easy on it for 750 miles (!) and to be extra careful about excessive heating during that time. I...
  4. JakeFromStateFarm

    SPEC clutches?

    I'm getting ready to do my clutch upgrade and LSD install and the shop I go to (that I really trust a lot) is pushing for me to do a SPEC clutch and flywheel. They say they have really good experience with SPEC and that they're one of the few companies to truly stand by their products. I'm...
  5. JakeFromStateFarm

    Brake Pad Options?

    I've been running EBC Yellow Stuff, which perform awesome but I've decided are just too noisy for my daily driver. I was going to go with Red Stuff but thought I'd see if you guys prefer something else first. I'm looking for a quiet pad with better performance over OEM.
  6. JakeFromStateFarm

    WTB your stock GTI intake/Trade for my Injen SP

    In a fit of garage cleaning, my stock intake seems to have been "cleaned" into the dumpster :( Let me know how much you want for your stock intake shipped to 80214, approximately how many miles are on the air filter, and if it's in mint condition or if it's covered in mud, etc. Thanks! I'd...
  7. JakeFromStateFarm

    FYI: Michelin PSS 245/40/18 fits on 8x18 wheels on a GTI with VWR Springs

    Sorry if this has been covered, but just wanted to post my experience. The guy at the tire shop said they would fit the wheel so I took a chance and after doing the fender screw mod, I've had zero rubbing. (Sorry for the weird exposure in the pictures. I brightened up the shadows so you can...
  8. JakeFromStateFarm

    So misfires on idle are... normal?

    Some of you followed my journey this spring, going through 3 stock turbos on Eurodyne before being flagged by my dealer and going IS38/APR out of pocket. Now I might just be paranoid from going through a few turbos, but the misfires on idle have me a bit concerned. I read on here before that...
  9. JakeFromStateFarm

    Blown Turbos vs Tune Survey

    It seems like turbos of all revisions are blowing so let's see how specific tunes are doing. Edit: Choose all options that apply. For instance, I was stock for 17k miles with no blown turbo, then I blew a turbo on ED, now I'm on APR with no blown turbo.
  10. JakeFromStateFarm

    G Rev IS20 Turbo and HSTuning install kit

    I bought this turbo and install kit and never ended up using them, they're actually both still in shipping boxes (so I can pull them out of the boxes and provide pictures if you need). Turbo was on an untuned car for 8k miles with zero issues, and install kit is brand new except that it does not...
  11. JakeFromStateFarm

    Heel Toe Tips?

    This is my first manual transmission car and I'm struggling with learning heel toe. I can rev match downshifts pretty well, but don't know where to go from here. I've watched videos on how to place your foot on the pedals and how to practice, etc. Just wondering if you guys had any tips for a...
  12. JakeFromStateFarm

    WTB: CTS Turbo Downpipe Catless Conversion

    Wanting to convert my catted downpipe to catless. This might be a stretch but I'd be willing to buy just the catless pipe, or trade my catted one for yours. To be clear, I'm not looking for a full downpipe, just the pipe that goes from the downpipe to the CBE (where the cat is on mine).
  13. JakeFromStateFarm

    I fixed my car and now I hate it (first world problems)

    So when I got my car finally fixed (IS38 on APR after blowing three stock turbos on ED), it sounded way different than I remembered. Much more grunty, growly and mean. I chalked it up to the bigger turbo and different tune. The shop told me I had a fault code for cam adjuster and showed me...
  14. JakeFromStateFarm

    Side to side shifter wiggle?

    I installed a Spulen front to back short shifter and bushings over the weekend and I'm loving it. Really crisps everything up nicely. But it made me notice the side to side play while in gear. Does anyone know if the side to side short shifter will tighten that up?
  15. JakeFromStateFarm

    WTB IS20 turbo in good working order

    I'll pay whatever is fair. I live in Denver or could pay for shipping. Let me know. Thanks
  16. JakeFromStateFarm

    Third turbo blown. Thinking of selling the car. Thoughts?

    I won't go into too many details since I posted those in the Bad Turbo thread, but after blowing my third turbo less than a week after getting it installed (and yes, I went easy on it for ~200 miles and then waiting until it was above 190F to get on it) I'm pretty much done with this car. I know...
  17. JakeFromStateFarm

    Anyone running aftermarket rotors?

    Is there much performance to be gained from slotted/drilled or lighter rotors?
  18. JakeFromStateFarm

    First ever track day next week. How to take care of my car?

    I have my first track day next weekend and this is my first new/nicer car so I want to have fun but also take care of the car. I know to not push it until the oil temp is 190F or so. Got any other tips for me?
  19. JakeFromStateFarm

    Wheel offset instead of spacers?

    I'm looking at getting new wheels and am wondering if you can get a different offset than stock to accomplish what a wheel spacer would do. I've always seen suggestions of spacers to get the wheels out flush, but never cared to because they cost too much for my taste. But if you can do the same...
  20. JakeFromStateFarm

    ST Rear Anti-Sway Bar part number or link?

    Usually I'm a wizard at the Google machine and the "Search this Forum/Thread" button but for the life of me I can't find the part number for the ST rear sway bar, or any store selling one saying it's compatible with a mk7 GTI. Can someone help me out? Thankssssss. *hangs head in shame*...