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    Brand new ARM catted downpipe. Asking $550 shipped; price is for CONUS only. MK7 GOLF R ARM CATTED DOWNPIPE. The ARM MK7 Golf R Downpipe relieves your turbo of excessive backpressure, allowing you to increase the boost by flashing to Stage 2 maps and beyond. The result is faster turbo spool...
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    KW HAS kit; part # 2538000N. This is a brand new kit; never been installed. Asking $640 shipped; price is for CONUS only.
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    SOLD - MK 7/7.5 Burger Motorsports Turbo Inlet Pipe

    For sale used, but I great in gray condition Burger Motorsports TIP. Asking $70 shipped. Vehicle Fitment 2014-up Audi A3/S3(8V) / TT/TTS (MK3) 1.8/2.0 TSI (Gen3) 2015-up MQB VW Alltrack / Atlas / Golf / Golf SportWagen / GTI / Golf R / Tiguan 1.8/2.0 TSI (Gen 3) / Arteon 2019-up VW Arteon / VW...
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    EQT Brushless LPFP Pro!

    I’m not defending anyone here, but good thing about capitalism is you have a choices. If you think Ed is too expensive, go buy somewhere else. I found the same LPFP with a different label for just a few $s over 1K. If anyone wants one I’ll sell it to them. It’s brand new.
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    EQT Brushless LPFP Pro!

    I hate paying too much for aftermarket parts. However, one has to consider costs for business to operate. Small businesses don’t have big margins to operate when one compares to big corporations. One needs to understand the costs of operating businesses. Everything costs money; your credit card...
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    EQT Brushless LPFP Pro!

    I was a member of BMW and Porsche community for few years, and things were done a bit differently by sponsors on this forums. I know, I'm not in Kansas anymore, but here's what I mean by things are done differently. If a company comes out with a product, and they want their customers to buy into...
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    Starting MK7.5 Project

    Today, I had installed APR piping, HPA Intercooler, CSF radiator and DSG heat exchange radiator. Let me start with fitment. We all know that aftermarket radiator and IC is a bit bigger in size, therefore engine bay becomes a bit tighter after installation. These two parts fit nicely, but a bit...
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    Best tune for golf r

    I think each tune has its pros and cons., but after some prolonged research on tunes, I’m planning to go with UM. Mostly it has to do with Flex fuel tune. Those who are playing to take this platform to its limits, I recommend a tune that will meet one’s needs down the road. Otherwise, you’ll end...
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    Starting MK7.5 Project

    Bought a 2019 Golf R not too long ago, and now decided to build me a 500hp machine on a moderate budget. I have many parts on hand already, but shopping around for shops that willing to install customer provided aftermarket parts. Two months ago, I bought a MBRP catback exhaust with carbon tips...
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    Golf R by 7Force

    This was one helluva race
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Not with this car. With my previous car, my patrol bill was a grocery bill. However, my grocery bill is now COSTCO bill, and my COSTCO trip is my mortgage payment.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Going to a grocery store
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    2019 Golf R Owner; TIP Question

    Hello everyone. New to VW, I'm seeking some knowledge from members on this forum. I recently installed K&N replacement filter with APR carbon inlet hose, but I have not installed turbo inlet pipe yet. The reason, is I'm not too sure if a tune is required for TIP installation. I understand that...
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    Ams carbon fiber golf r intake $250

    Are you willing to ship it? If yes, does the shipping included in your asking price