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    AC issues

    Unfortunately, I can't answer that. I cannot get in touch with the previous owner who did most of the mods. Also, I have made sure all the AC coding are correct.
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    AC issues

    Yes sir. Radiator fan comes on on regular speed and then once in a while it goes to full high speed. Also, after replacing the compressor, freon pressure is good as it should be unlike before.
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    AC issues

    Alright guys so I am in a desperate need of help lol. I have a GTI with R turbo and Eurodyne Stage 2 tune with all other supporting mods. My AC started to have temperature issues, to be specific, at IDLE AC does not blow cold air and when xsr is in motion (at highway speeds) it blows ice chill...
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    SOLD! Almost new VW MK7 Golf/GTI/GolfR/E-Golf 8" Glass Display Retrofit Kit (Non Nav)SOLD!

    I have a MIBI. What would I need to have this install?
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    gti plaid seat front and rear $200

    No way LOL... I am local and I would be all over it. :(
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    Afs error

    We're you able to fix the issue?
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    Weather Tech MK7 Rain Guards

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    Hey. Cost shipped to 33324?
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    FS: 2018 Autobahn DSG. APR+. San Diego,CA $27950 . SOLD.

    Why don't you sell it to CarGurus? Also, your pictures shows Auto Trans but your listing at CarGurus shows Manual trans?
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    2015 GTI S PP DCC

    Ugghh.. Only if you were in FL or close.. GLWS
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    WTS 2017 Autobahn 6M w/ PP and Lighting Package

    Still available? Sent you a pm.
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    SOLD: ‘16 GTI 6MT w/PP, LP, DCC

    Sending you a PM
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    For Sale 2015 Golf R - Sarasota, FL

    Hey. I am in South Florida. Sending a PM.
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    WTB- MK7 GTI 6MT

    What are you asking for it?
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    2016 GTI SE 6M LP / PP

    Hey man. Interested. Sending you a PM
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    Cruise control error

    Hi. Did you ever get this resolved?