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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Ran the wheels with a 3mm at autocross on Sunday. Also got an alignment to even out the front a little bit (-2.4) and fix toe. Looks like the wheel clears the steering rod nut but I’m still rubbing on the inner fender. Will try 5mm spacers next but I’m not optimistic.
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    2017 Golf SE headlight option

    BMP Tuning or Osram are probably the best options but both are expensive. The Osrams need to be imported. Search the forum for reviews. Link to BMP:
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    HID Bulb Replacement (FRUSTRATING)

    I found an old email from Ed where he told me “D2H or D2S fits best”. I had the 2014.5-17 Mk7 Golf HID Headlights, 2018 R Style before I got the Osrams.
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Here is an update: The front left wheel is making contact with the steering rod nut at full lock. I forgot to take a picture but I confirmed contact by putting the car in the air and turning the steering wheel. The front left tire is also making contact with the inner liner; see attached...
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    Recommendation for headlight protection

    That kit comes with sandpaper. Sanding is required otherwise the coating will have a hard time adhering. I suggest headlight film (not Lamin X brand) if you don’t want or need to sand. I bought 3m film from Invisible Mask.
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    Recommendation for headlight protection

    The only long term solution for you is a real clear coat. I don’t think the ones that come with the headlight restoration kits last more than a year or two. I saw something called a 2k clear coat mentioned on the Autodetailing subreddit. You can probably also find videos on YouTube.
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    I don’t think this is a wheel design issue. I ran them fine for 2 autox but recently I had to replace the front wheel bearings. Just checking if I’m an isolated issue. I will post more details later.
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Has anyone run into rubbing on the inner lip of the 17x9? I think my steering rack is making contact.
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    Best Products For Cleaning Aftermarket Wheels

    I like P&S Brake Buster which can also be diluted and used in a pump foamer.
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    Bicycle Mounting Options

    I just installed the Stealth Hitch on my GTI. The latch block wouldn’t fit without some sanding, I had to buy a 15/16 socket for the latch block bolts, and I didn’t have a dremel to trim the diffuser so I used shears. Other than these minor issues I love how hidden it is. I’m going to raise my...
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    ST40 Brake Pad Reference Guide

    I have a ST41 from the sale. I think the ST41 Stoptech 309 pad part # is 309.06080. According to the product page below, 1986-1989 Porsche 944 Turbo shares the same pad. I think the ST40 Stoptech 309 pad part...
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    Raceland coilovers testimonies

    I don’t have DCC but you could try height adjustable springs. The only problem is that the most popular brand for these is MST and they are very expensive and have mixed reviews on the forum. Some other companies like KW, H&R, and ST also make height adjustable springs but I’ve never found any...
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    Helix subwoofer/DSP and Focal IS VW 155 - do not recommend

    I installed JL C1 speakers and tweeters in the front and rear after having the Helix for a while. Sounds ok to me but I think it needs a little EQ work.
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    Track Approved Catch Cans

    Would a syringe make it easier to remove the oil from the CC? Or an oil extractor?
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    SOLD -Cobb Accessport V3 with EQT Stage 1 Tune

    This is for a manual car so you didn’t miss a deal.
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    Coolant outlet 06K121143

    Could you post a link to the part? Thank you.
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    H&R OE Sport springs w/ DCC

    Every time I see a post about what springs to run with DCC (which I don’t have) I wonder why more people haven’t looked into height adjustable springs. I think KW, H&R, ST, and MSS have options. Probably should stay away from MSS because I remember there were issues with the earlier revisions...
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    Superpro LCAs - talk to me

    I couldn’t get the ducts to fit on my Superpro LCAs. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Another forum member said they fit but I haven’t seen any pics.
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    Long Term Spark Plug Thoughts

    Ugh I recently installed NGK RS7s.