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    Thanks. The blue accent with continue with the shift knob and boot. Might see about finding a manual Golf R steering wheel as well. Just cant stand most of the overly aggressive steering wheels out there. A stock gold R will probably be fine.
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    Not yet. We are hoping the 18" Holeshots will be here in the Spring.
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    Nothing that new, but did do the timing belt/water pump/etc and new rear brakes. Just winter wheels on it for now. I have been trying to find a new shift knob and boot for a long time and thought I was set on the Sportshifter, but wanted a boot as well. Found an Alcantara shift knob and...
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    Driving on Bilstein B14/B16's in the North East

    I have been running ST XAs on my TDI this summer in CT and drive a good amount from NY to MA and even with my daughters hockey gear in the back and full of people it is not bad at all. I am not slammed, but a decent height.
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    FS: MK7 Golf R OEM Intercooler

    $50 picked up
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    FS: MK7 Golf R OEM Intercooler in CT

    $50 picked up
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    ECS Billet polished oil filter housing

    This is an ECS Billet Polished oil filter housing with a new OEM oil filter. $65 shipped in the USA.
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    Waterfest 26 @ Atco raceway

    I have not been in years. But I will be heading down for the weekend to see everything and check in on some vendors/dealers. Anyone want some OEM low mile Golf R/GTI Control arms for $50? LMK and I can bring them.
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    wheel offset question

    18x8.5 et45 is the normal aftermarket set up and either play with spacers or run et35 if you want aggressive.
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    PM sent
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    Show us your MK7

    My Golf TDI SEL with some Fifteen52 Chicane and Apex wheels
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    Finally some better pics of the Fifteen52 Apex wheels
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    Euro Impulse Beware!!!

    Was looking at the BFI, but not sure if the Sport Shifter knob would work with it.
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    Euro Impulse Beware!!!

    Are there any other shift boots worth looking at? I should be getting a Sport Shifters knob soon and want to get an alcantara boot as well.
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    Upload Pictures of ur Golf MK7 with after market alloys!!!

    Fifteen52 Chicane's in 18x8.5 et45 Fifteen52 Apex in 18x8.5, working on better pics. The Frosted Graphite looks great.
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    FS: new ST XTA coilovers for mk7/7.5 GTI, Golf R, Sportwagens

    These are brand new in the box. They are ST XTA coilovers for mk7/7.5 GTI and Golf R. They retail for over $1700. $1250 shipped or less picked up in Pittsburgh. The part number is 1828080N