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    BBS Wheels: Show them off!

    BBS CO 18x8
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    Official Night Blue Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    First time posting pics of my car. My attempt at an OEM+ setup:
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    Norcal suspension shop?

    Any new recommendations? Posted this a while ago
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    Post your VW Driver Gear spring setup.

    Anyone run these with the koni special active or other aftermarket struts? I'm interested in them but have 20k on my stock struts.
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    GTI Exhaust tips

    Heads up for everyone I went to Classic today and he charges $80 now and his opening hours aren't accurate, it's when he feels like coming in. He also somehow managed to slice into my valence without letting me know either. I don't see how this guy has such great reviews. I guess he welded...
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    Tire pressure for 245/40/18's?

    Fallen azenis load rating is 97Y
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    Tire pressure for 245/40/18's?

    I've seen the charts that have been posted and have come up with 32 psi but seems extremely low and even looks like it when done. I've settled on 34 psi but noticed my MPG have noticeably dropped as well compared to stock. Those of you with the same sized tires, which PSI works best for you...
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    Oval exhaust tips?

    Seen a few pics online but am wondering if any of you have them installed on your car, if so where'd you purchase them and what size?
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    Northern CA: 18x8 +40 Titanium Fast FC04 Few Weeks Old $800 obo

    Could be just the 245's that I'm running. Balanced twice one of which was road force and tried 3 types of hubcentric rings from B1mecc, Plastic, and Aluminum. I'm going hubcentric wheels just for the peace of mind with no guarantee of change.
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    18x8 Fast FC04 +40 offset in titanium *wheels only* . Bought brand new and only used for 3 weeks. Will include 2 sets of hubcentric rings, lug bolts, and vw decaled center caps. Will be available next week when my new wheels are mounted. $800 OBO .
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    Creaking doors? Mystery solved

    Tried WD40 dry lube like another member mentioned on the felt and all the creaking has gone away for me. Didn't use anything on the rubber either. $6 bottle did it for me, didn't want to spend the $20+ for the Sailkote if I didn't have to.
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    Smoked Dynamic Turn Signals for Side Mirrors

    Available until payment received. Still available
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    Smoked Dynamic Turn Signals for Side Mirrors

    Advertised as no coding needed, plug and play.
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    Smoked Dynamic Turn Signals for Side Mirrors

    Waited 3 months for these only to find out they sent the wrong color (i wanted clear). These are smoked almost looks like a matte black. Brand new. $35 Shipped
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    FS/FT: (5) Fast FC04 18x8, 5x112, ET30 wrapped in AS3+

    Are the tires really 225/45/18 or 225/40/18 (stock size)?
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    18x8.5 with 245/40/18 on stock height pics?

    Would like to see some examples and which tire brand. Definitely like the look of michelins but not sure if it's in the budget.
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    Will the Maxton Mk7.5 R Spoiler extension fit a GTI?