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    Wee Puff of smoke on start up

    Do you consume oil between oil changes?
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    '15 GTI 80k, stock, babied since new - engine locked up :(

    Maybe shoot an email over to the Humble Mechanic? Would love to watch an EA888 rebuild series.
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    2018 GTI SE, shocks shot at 36K?

    I bought a 2011 BMW 328i wagon (E91) new July 2010. Sold it in 2017 w/ 140K miles w/ original suspension/shocks which still felt like new. That said, I had the factory motorsports suspension package (ZSP) so I'm not sure if these were Sachs or another OEM. On MK7.5, Koni over Bilstein B6?
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    2018 GTI SE, shocks shot at 36K?

    Would these be covered under my 6YR/76K warranty or will VW consider these to be 'wear items'?
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    2018 GTI SE, shocks shot at 36K?

    I'm the original owner. Mostly basic, daily driving around Washington DC and/or Westchester, NY (awful roads in both locations). No auto-x or track. The car feels like it's crashing over bumps / potholes. Suspension feels really busy and unsettled. Some 'creaking' sounds over speed bumps...
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    2018 GTI SE, shocks shot at 36K?

    What's the average lifespan of a MK7.5's shocks / suspension? I get the feeling that my shocks are worn/wearing.
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    '15 GTI 80k, stock, babied since new - engine locked up :(

    Oh, that's sort of lame. OP's never going to buy VAG again.
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    '15 GTI 80k, stock, babied since new - engine locked up :(

    What's the conclusion here? the more I think about it, I'd probably drop the $7K.
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    Suggestion for rear wiper blade

    I use my rear wiper all the time. I replace the rear wiper every other year w/ a dealer replacement.
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    Trick to remove coilpack connectors?

    You've inspired me -- I'm going to leave them as is for a while, too. Maybe I'll replace when I change coil packs down the road (if I keep car).
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    WTB: OEM Factory Dallas or Silver Pretoria Wheels (MK7.5)

    Glad I did not purchase. No way to get a replacement in the event of a pot hole...
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    Trick to remove coilpack connectors?

    Did you repair broken connectors or just leave them?
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    Trick to remove coilpack connectors?

    Wish I had seen this about four hour ago (before I did not plugs, before I broke two of the four clips). 90% of the youtube videos on this subject give bad advise. Ugh.
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    Quiet Tire recommendation for 2016 Golf TSI SE

    I put Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on my 2018 GTI. I do not recommend. While the wet and dry grip is a huge upgrade over the factory H-rated Pirelli, the tires are too firm / stiff for the roads in New York. A lot of people speak fondly of the Continental EXTREME CONTACT DWS 06. Lots of...
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    2018 GTI SE, new plugs at 35K w/ broken coil clip mod

    As the title suggests, I just got around to changing my 2018 GTI's plugs at 35K miles. They are the VW OEM plugs (purchased at dealer). Easy job aside from the crappy coil clips (I broke two of the four -- pretty sure it was unavoidable due to garbage design and quality of components). In any...
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    '15 GTI 80k, stock, babied since new - engine locked up :(

    This all sounds very frustrating. If you decided to replace the engine (long block) at the VW dealer, what kind of warranty would the new/replaced engine have? If it's not 4YR / 50K, I'm not sure I'd consider putting my own money towards it. Also, have you considered buying a used EA888...
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    I'm at 35K miles. After getting my oil changed at the dealer (I bought my own Motul 8100 X-Cess Gen2) I went to parts and bought some OEM spark plugs. I over-paid for them but at least I know they are the right ones. I've not changed them yet. Looking forward to the before vs after butt dyno.
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    Motul '8100 x-cess' or 'Specific 505 01 502 00'?

    Now at 34K miles. Still running the 8100 X-CESS (Gen2). I average about 5K miles between changes. May do a UOA at the end of the current cycle (so maybe I'll post again in July '23).