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    Hatch Struts

    Does anyone know if the OEM MK7 GTI Hatch Struts fit on an MK5 (2009) GTI?
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    Factory Intercooler Delete Kit?

    Mk7 GTI owner here. I had a FMIC installed on my car and it is a bypass system. That means that my OEM intercooler is no longer used whatsoever. I hate seeing the openings in the bottom of the IC just sitting there with nothing to plug it and the fact that it is there in the first place...
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    What do you do with your OEM parts?

    So, I am like many of the people on here that are upgrading their MK7 golf, GTI, or R. Subsequently I have the OEM parts sitting around because I am unsure about what to do with them. **BLUF - My GTI is my dream car and I intend to keep it until it is totaled so keeping OEM parts to assist with...
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    Do I need to consider anything else to upgrade ASAP?

    I want to get a large group done at the same time and I am wondering: Is there anything else I MUST upgrade ASAP in addition to the below? I will not have the $ to purchase anything else for some time and I need to know what I MUST get (via Credit Card instead of savings). IS38 Turbo Upgrade...