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    FS: Englishtowns (VA/DC/MD)

    They're working for me now. GLWS
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    FS: Englishtowns (VA/DC/MD)

    Just a heads up - no pics are showing up for me on my desktop using Chrome.
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    2023 golf R anyone?

    Sat in a 20th Anniversary R at Stohlman VW in Tysons Corner, VA today. They have a $10K ADM on that car. They have another black one, a non 20th DSG. They want $5K ADM for that one, plus a crappy "REPEL PROTECTION" package for $1499 and an $899 processing fee. I told the friendly salesman I...
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    WTB: Helix Mk7.5 Headlights for Mk7.5

    Searching for aftermarket headlights for my 2018 Alltrack with halogen headlights. I am searching for aftermarket (Mk7.5) Golf R style headlights. This would be Mk7.5 style for Mk7.5. I would prefer Golf R style with silver/black housings, but would consider GTI style with red trim. Looking...
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    FS: 2015 Golf R Front Seats $500 SoCal

    Sent a follow up PM. Still very interested in the seats
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    SOLD: 18" Cadiz

    I’ll take them. I’ll PM now
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    FS: 2015 Golf R Front Seats $500 SoCal

    Sent a PM several days ago.
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    Mk7 gti and mk8 r wheel for sale

    Msg sent on GTI wheel.
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    Mods Please Delete

    Thanks for looking out for me! I'm not on FaceBook, but I had my wife open the link this morning. She said it is no longer available. Dang! Maybe this is a higher powers way of saying I need KW V2's.
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    Mods Please Delete

    Thanks - I appreciate the offer, however I'm set on OE Golf R Springs. Good luck with your sale!
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    2017 Golf Alltrack SE NorCal

    I’ll offer $12k.
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    Mods Please Delete

    Bump - Still looking for OEM Golf R Mk7 DSG Springs.
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    Do it all Sportwagen - street/hoon/track/drag you name it....this is the way...

    I watched your newest YouTube video this morning. Great content, great wagon!
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    Mods Please Delete

    Awesome - sent you a PM. I’ll take them.
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    Mods Please Delete

    Bump. Someone has to have some springs they want to sell...
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    Mods Please Delete

    Golf R Springs procured. Thanks Golfmk7 forums & RudyH for a great sale.
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    SOLD: 2018 Golf Sportwagen 6MT 4Motion OEM+++ (Western PA) ($23k)

    Fellow IS20 long roofer - this is very well priced and holistically modified. Beautiful car, hope it finds a loving home!