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  1. TheMechanicDude

    Oil pan replaced

    60k. Florida can be brutal apparently. I wonder if the coolant leaking from WP maybe deteriorated the gasket etc.
  2. TheMechanicDude

    E85 SUCKS!

    E30 blend here........E is expected to be a bit sticky.
  3. TheMechanicDude

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Tablecloth* 🍺
  4. TheMechanicDude

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    last week replaced the front door speakers. They shorted out from water. Went with a Focal component set. Found really cool baffles that combined with a spacer ring are sealing wonderfully. Rears are in mail so I still need to do those. Will take better pics.
  5. TheMechanicDude

    Oil pan replaced

    Damn plastic warped and leaked like a faucet. Went with on sale cast aluminum. Tried new shop on W coast of Florida. Good dudes so far. Front end clunk was loose nut…….
  6. TheMechanicDude

    Is this normal?

    Watched vid. Holy crap. Don’t drive dude. Check axle nut torque.
  7. TheMechanicDude

    Is this normal?

    manual car? sounds gear related. Sorta like when the subframe would flex after coming over the garage floor bump. DSG gets this when in 1st gear and moving fwd. Little grinds
  8. TheMechanicDude


    all hardware?
  9. TheMechanicDude

    Help identifying this engine component

    I wonder if this is where mty leak is. Ran out an snagged a aluminum pan because all the shops claim plastic warps
  10. TheMechanicDude

    Sputter on Warm Start

    ever do carbon cleaning?
  11. TheMechanicDude

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    we have talked over IG. Havent had a chance to make it down. One of my buddies did since he is closer to that area. The second pic was on the way to Euro Tripper last year. We went long way up by Okeechobee (pic) and met the white GTI on the way. Counted towards your trophy but parked in a...
  12. TheMechanicDude

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    this is the way Mine is actually making the cutest little squeak
  13. TheMechanicDude

    Fuel Leak at firewall connector

    Anyone have a problem with the OEM connector leaking on the small connector block located pass side shock tower. I used OEM crimp connectors on HPF line to said connector and pretty sure its still tight. Cleaned it off after upper timing cover seal changes and smelled it the other day. I saw...
  14. TheMechanicDude

    Cam Magnets

    you are all set.
  15. TheMechanicDude

    Stage 1 - EQT - Autocross and the right plugs

    EQT St1 E30 Ruth's Gapped at .35 for that cam chop
  16. TheMechanicDude

    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    Fixed under warranty. Had to call VWOA and show dealer the settlement docs. They were very apologetic.
  17. TheMechanicDude

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I love this car. Have you sourced out the updated LED headlights? THose brakes are the tits man. Sharing with my buddy who stays away from here to avoid the mod bug he had with his Forester XT.
  18. TheMechanicDude

    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    Thermo housing leaking....denied. Working on VWOA now. Guess I can out of pocket and submit for reimbursement.