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  1. Ohidub_99.5

    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    Found some time to install most everything… didn’t do the roll-center kit as I’d need to have an alignment done right after… but the struts have been rebuilt, new front endlinks, rear-sway and adjustable end links are on as well as the rear subframe inserts…. Really makes the car handle...
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    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    Everything is now here.. now need to find time to install…
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Got all my suspension goodie’s… now just need to find some time to install… 034 23mm rear sway, 034 dynamic+ rear endlinks, 034 rear subframe inserts, whiteline roll centering kit, whiteline adjustable front endlinks,new pillow bearings for my front air-lift struts, and some ebc reds for all...
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    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    Ordered a bunch of much needed suspension upgrades… whiteline adjustable front end-links, whiteline roll-centering kit, 034 rear subframe inserts, 034 23mm solid rear sway bar and dynamic+ adjustable endlinks, and a rebuild kit for my front struts… time to get this thing dialed… On our way back...
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    Lol… I resemble that remark …. GLWS…. Good deal, since airlift raised their prices recently….
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    SOLD: Whiteline Adjustable Front sway-bar end links :NEW:

    Brand new with all included hardware… went to install but they were too long for my application (air-ride), bought them from BMP-Tuning $100-shipped
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    Delete please, moved to appropriate sub.
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    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    One from Eurotripper 9 in Ft.Meyers
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    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    Couple of light houses… Ponce Inlet Sanibel Island
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    My 2019 dad wagon... LOLtrack

    Finally got my windows tinted… 70% Suntek ceramic blue (aka: Mercedes tint) it’s super subtle, which is what I wanted… I hate dark tint. Also decided to head to Florida for vacation, which coincidentally aligns with being able to attend Eurotripper… so the summer wheels got new tires for the...
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    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    One from the other day… a very frosty and foggy morning …
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    18 vs 19 Lowered Tire Size

    What width of wheel would you be going with? Personally if I were running 18” wheels I’d stick with a 40-series tire… I think an 18” with a 35 series wouldnt quite “fill up the wheel wells” properly… Here’s one of my sets: 19x8.5” et45 tires are 235/35/19 my other set is 19x8” running...
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    Anyone running wobble bolts?

    I run them, no issues… one thing you might have to do for the wheels is open up the lug holes some to accommodate the shifting of the bolt… and, hub/wheelCentric rings are crucial to avoid any chance of vibrations if the hub-bore of the wheels you plan to run are not already 57.1… when you go...
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    What is your opinion about wagons?

    @Nineeightyone , I appreciate it 🍻 … I’ve always been a wagon/hatchback guy… used to have a Quantum Syncro wagon back in the day.. so the Alltrack was a natural step in the modern direction for me…. I was daily driving mk2’s (90’ golf and a 90’ Jetta coupe)… life changes necessitated a larger...