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  1. Dog Dad Wagon

    Sold Please Delete

    This one will move. Definitely post up on Facebook, especially in the groups “Green Car Appreciation Society,” “Great Falls Green Alltrackposting,” and “Wagon Elitist Jerks.” You will find a cash buyer for asking price in a week.
  2. Dog Dad Wagon

    Tuned 1.8 Tsi long term reliability

    Lol the bottom end on your 1.8 is the same as the bottom end on the Golf R’s 2.0 w/ IS38. No, forged internals are not needed for IS38. Shit, they aren’t even needed for a Vortex
  3. Dog Dad Wagon

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    I am not sure if it will totally clean already-caked valves so I’d still suggest getting a carbon blast at the same time. But yes - it would prevent it from building up if you installed it.
  4. Dog Dad Wagon

    2015 Golf R, DSG, Lapiz Blue, Built engine, 500whp, 44k miles $32,500.00

    My Treg costs $100 to fill even now thag diesel is under $4, but I go 700 miles on a Tank which doesn’t suck. Just drove to Orlando and back and only stopped for fuel once each way.
  5. Dog Dad Wagon

    Bilstein B4's on Alltrack

    correct. 10% firmer than stock, with rebound damping (which stock dampers lack). also generally higher quality construction. longevity, durability.
  6. Dog Dad Wagon

    Cars and Bids, BAT, etc.

    I think that having owned manuals has made me a better more aware driver both with the car and the road. But I no longer *need* that - I can actually focus a lot more when I don’t have to devote 50% of my processing power to perfectly clutching and shifting. DSG is the perfect middle ground for...
  7. Dog Dad Wagon

    Cars and Bids, BAT, etc.

    I’m 29 and learned to drive stick on my first GTI I got when I was 19 in 2013. Had 2 other manuals since but I can say I’ve gotten my thrills. I could care less about the “experience,” it sucks lol. I like DSGs a lot.
  8. Dog Dad Wagon

    JerseyDrew's 2016 GTI S build, a.k.a. Jersey Devil

    zam zaddy. going for world record 1/4 mile on the GTI. You really are serious about this stuff lol. I used to think you were crazy but now i know... you're certifiably bat shit insane.
  9. Dog Dad Wagon

    Bilstein B4's on Alltrack

    Okay cool sounds like you know what you’re talking about. Great question - I do not know if the springs are cross comptible between the 50/55mm setups.
  10. Dog Dad Wagon

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Everytime I see your car I like it more. Sell it to me when you’re ready please :)
  11. Dog Dad Wagon

    Bilstein B4's on Alltrack

    You know you need a knuckle upgrade for the 55mm Golf R B4? GSW 4Mo is 50mm knuckle. One thing I’ve seen done is Front B4 + Rear B6. So that sounds like a good backup plan
  12. Dog Dad Wagon

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Don’t the halogen headlights bother you on the Tig? That always bothered me about the R-Line Blacks
  13. Dog Dad Wagon

    2018 GTI $11,900 S 6spd NJ (price lowered)

    Looks P stock to me.
  14. Dog Dad Wagon

    SOLD 2016 GTI S 67k miles

    Great car, great mods, great deal. Surprised this one hasn’t moved. Good luck man.
  15. Dog Dad Wagon

    MK7 Confessions

    I am legitimately surprised. It is a played out conversation, Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll. It gets a good bit of air time (Jon Stewart did a thing with Gov Murphy last year)
  16. Dog Dad Wagon

    MK7 Confessions

    The stuffing-looking stuff is trash, yeah. But legit scrapple from the right place is perfection
  17. Dog Dad Wagon

    Dane’s 15 GSW TDI - bags NOT just for groceries

    Ohhhhh yeahhhh this build is getting outrageous. maybe consider some lightweight flowformed wheels, it makes a big performance + dynamics/steering feel difference.
  18. Dog Dad Wagon

    MK7 Confessions

    Literal, actual facts. Taylor is the brand. Pork roll is, as a matter of nomenclature AND composition, the product. It’s not “Taylor Ham.” Ham is it’s own type of pork product. Just like bacon is it’s own type. And pork belly. Pork Roll is just another pork product. “Taylor Ham” does not...