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  1. Rabbit GTI

    Good Cordless Phone?

    Ok so I know nothing about the current technologies for cordless this panasonic model any good? and if it is, is $67.22 a good price? All i...
  2. Rabbit GTI

    Ken Griffey, Jr.

    600 Home Runs. Outside of guys that have played or are playing for the Phillies...definitely my favorite baseball player. (I still have my Griffey, Jr. signature baseball glove from little that was 15 years ago lol) He's the one guy in the modern era (at the top of the hr list)...
  3. Rabbit GTI

    Top Gear's version of Pimp My Ride this is pretty entertaining...
  4. Rabbit GTI

    Rabbit GTI's novel

    Well, a lot has happened since I made a decent post on this site. A couple weeks ago, i got my windows tinted (50% front, 35% rear) and got the open fog grilles. Anyways, it turned out really well...(yes i know i need a drop badly, but i'm gonna be taking her out to montana in the summer, and...
  5. Rabbit GTI

    VW Vortex, WTF?

    anyone tried logging onto the 'tex lately? it doesn't seem to be working...
  6. Rabbit GTI

    Happy Birthday!

    Yes, Happy Birthday to my MkV. She turned 1 today (technically 2 since she's a nov. 05 build date :biggrin: ) Nov. 24, 2006 :wub: oh and GO HOKIES!
  7. Rabbit GTI

    fav cruising song?

    I was out for a nighttime drive last night with my brother, and one of my favorite songs came on XM49...Eminence Front by The Who. anyways, I was thinking to myself, damn this is probably my favorite cruising's so good to blast it real loud with the windows down and the roof open...
  8. Rabbit GTI


    5,000 posts, bitches. got me that 5th little red car :smile:
  9. Rabbit GTI

    to dangerdan and any other ECU people

    wasn't that something yesterday? i mean seriously, i'm not tryin to hate coz we beat you guys. it was really something i'll never forget, especially being in lane stadium for it all. the whole morning you ecu guys were great the whole time, and then for our guys to be cheering you like you're...
  10. Rabbit GTI

    to any NY mets fans

    i have a gift for you, it's a broom. sincerely, RabbitGTI and all of Philadelphia :wink:
  11. Rabbit GTI

    the washington nationals

    are a bunch of freakin bush-leaugers that should have been contracted when the chance was there. their asshole rookie pitcher hits utley and howard back to back, and breaks utley's hand...out at least 6 weeks. FUCK.
  12. Rabbit GTI

    New Car

    after two straight hyundais, i convinced my family to buy a 2008 subaru forester :thumbsup: crimson red, with the premium package...22,900 OTD it's nothing flashy, but it's a good reliable hauler...just thought i'd share. we're picking it up tomorrow afternoon
  13. Rabbit GTI

    This one's for alf

    i think you guys know that i love BMW's just like almost everyone else...but there are some owners out there that are huge tools. like a guy that has an E46 sedan, probably a 323 and badges it as an M3. that guy = loser. that is all. ps...i see it a lot at the gym i go to, i'll try to...
  14. Rabbit GTI

    Name that Tune

    Give two lines of lyrics from a fav song of yours, next person has to name the song and then they give two lines from a song, and so on... I'll start first. "My love is in league with the freeway It's passion will ride, as the cities fly by"
  15. Rabbit GTI

    Payne Stewart

    Just finished watching the 99 US Open highlights again on the Golf Channel. gives me goosebumps and makes me all teary eyed every time i see it. if you're a golfer or just a fan, you know what i'm talking about :frown:
  16. Rabbit GTI

    Hot Fuzz

    Saw it today...frickin hilarious :biggrin:
  17. Rabbit GTI


    is it any good? the extent of my video game playing is madden...but i saw it on sale at target the other day for 14.99...i guess its worth it, right?
  18. Rabbit GTI

    Last Night's 24

    well i saw the quote that zack had in his sig and i wanted to get everyone's about last night? I am a 24 fanatic and that scene where Jack kills Fayed might have been one of the best scenes ever...definitely one of the best episodes of the season...what's everyones opinion?
  19. Rabbit GTI

    this made me cry

    no other words neccesary, just look at the pictures :frown:
  20. Rabbit GTI

    really stupid question

    ok guys i almost feel like an idiot for asking this, since i pride myself on knowing a decent amount about the MkV... anyways, i was noticing that in a bunch of people's signatures or profiles, they have CW-xxxx or UG-xxxx or whatever. i get the color code of their car, but i cant figure out...