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  1. SPLR337

    Wheel spacers for Superspeed RF03RR

    H&R makes a version of the 10mm spacers specific to the rear. I run 10mm front and rear on my RSE10s without issues.
  2. SPLR337

    The definitive dashcam thread

    I had a KD Links camera. It was a bit big, with a suction cup mount. Worked well and did its job but I recently replaced it with a Garmin mini 2. Not very impressed. The power cuts out over bumps, it has connection issues, and the quality isn't any better than my previous camera. However, it is...
  3. SPLR337

    When do I put my summers on?

    I put them on when the overnight temps stay at or above 45°F
  4. SPLR337

    As of 2023, what are the go-to brake pads for spirited street driving?

    I have iSweep IS2000s on my car. The dust level is still far, far blow stock levels it's not even comparable. Also, for what it's worth, the reps at Neuspeed recommended the IS1500s for daily driving and more base models, and the 2000s for anything sporty.
  5. SPLR337

    Buyer beware: USP

    I had a similar issue when my clutch release bearing failed. FCP is close and usually delivers next day or day after, even with the standard and free shipping. Verified the clutch kit was physically in stock in their warehouse before ordering. Placed an order the following day for an oil change...
  6. SPLR337

    Vacuum/ HPFP Install frustration!

    Discovered mine leaking a few weeks ago as well. Not much info for the mk7, mostly just for thr mk5 and 6. However, the mk7 shop manual I have states that only the gasket needs to be replaced. I had ordered just the gasket. Curious if anybody else has dealt with this issue before.
  7. SPLR337

    Exhaust Modifications ?

    If you don't plan on changing the factory downpipe, an OEM CSS muffler is a great modification. Factory quality, no drone, very nice tone. Mine took a few thousand miles to really break in. Had it installed almost 2 years ago and I still enjoy hearing it. It does have some gurgle and whatnot...
  8. SPLR337

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Discovered an oil leek, seems to be coming from the side of the head where the vacuum pump for the brakes is. I have only seen videos/DIYs for mk5/6, where it's usually just an o-ring being replaced. It looks as if the mk7 uses a gasket. Job seems fairly easy, I just want to make sure I have...
  9. SPLR337

    Anybody else find their monster mats to be very slippery?

    Def sounds like they used a silicone product on them. I use mine year round without issue.
  10. SPLR337

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Jb1 came. Waiting for a day to install it, probably this weekend.
  11. SPLR337

    front sway bars

    I have the matched H&R set (F: 26mm/R: 24mm). Did the rear first and paired it with B8s/DG springs. Had the front done a few months ago. I commute and drive daily in and around NYC, I don't have any noticeable increase in harshness or drivability. Doing the rear first really made me notice how...
  12. SPLR337

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Cool, that's just what I'm looking for. I already had the clutch and intercooler upgraded so I should be good to go.
  13. SPLR337

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Debating buying a JB1. It would only be until I feel comfortable getting a flash tune. Car only has 28.5k on it, plenty of warranty left (even though I haven't had much luck with that). Other consideration is APR+. Not interested in a JB4 , mostly due to all the extra wiring and coming thru the...
  14. SPLR337

    LUK throwout bearing with Sachs performance clutch kit?

    It is. It seems most American websites list is as being for anything from Mk4s to Mk6 and some Audi and Passat models. The only sites that I see it as being listed for a Mk7 GTI are all European.
  15. SPLR337

    LUK throwout bearing with Sachs performance clutch kit?

    ^^I checked a few websites, and it seems most don't even list that part # or only list it for the mk5/6. Other aftermarket clutch brands offer either the LuK or Sachs TOB, both with plastic parts. The only websites I see including that specific TOB with the kit are from the UK (one says "Now...
  16. SPLR337

    Help needed: aftermarket front pads for Golf R/PP brakes that don't clunk, squeal, or aggravate...

    Neuspeed told me in emails that the 1500 is a OEM replacement that's better suited for Tiguans and the like, and recommended the 2000s for "sportier" cars like the GTI and R. They admitted that the 2000s will dust more than the 1500s, but I have 2 sets of black wheels and it's really not an...
  17. SPLR337

    Help needed: aftermarket front pads for Golf R/PP brakes that don't clunk, squeal, or aggravate...

    I have iSweep is2000s all around on my daily driven Rabbit, installed early last summer iirc. Less initial bite than OEM but linear braking. Very very low dust, can't even compare it to OEM. However, they are quite costly.
  18. SPLR337

    Real-world gains offered by RSB and upgraded endlinks (long-term Mk7 test results inside)

    I ran a 24mm H&R rear sway with Moog endlinks for a a while, it was the first thing I did when I got the car. It felt good but there was definitely something still missing. I did the Bilstein B8s with DG springs shortly after that, but recently I added the 26mm H&R front sway with a dead set kit...
  19. SPLR337

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Picked it up yesterday after having the Sachs SRE clutch installed and rear main seal replaced. Trying to break it in now. Today I swapped out my cloth floor mats for my all season mats and adjusted the clutch pedal stop.
  20. SPLR337

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    That's what I'm thinking. At least until after winter.