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  1. blaqsheep

    Spring & Shock/Damper Installation Reference Guide

    I think it's time to lay my Koni Yellows to rest :cry: Will be looking to go back to stock height - not sure if I should just go back to OEM for practicality or get fresh Koni Special Actives.
  2. blaqsheep

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    34 psi on Michelin PS4S
  3. blaqsheep

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I do mostly city driving nowadays. Lots of surrounding development (buildings and infrastructure), road improvements seem to be low priority. Winters always take a toll on the roads with salt and plowing. Currently have Koni Yellows with "linear" Eibach springs (E10-15-021-02-22) with shortened...
  4. blaqsheep

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Procrastination came to an end, sort of. Installed an Ecohitch I picked up to use with a bike rack, which I still need to assemble. Next eventual task is reverting back to stock ride height. Roads suck ass here and I've had enough of daily driving a lowered car for almost 5 years now. Don't...
  5. blaqsheep

    SOLD: dragy 10Hz GPS Based Performance Meter

    Edit: Sold locally. Like new. Used 3-4 times. $130 shipped to Canada/US. - High-performance GPS and GLONASS accurately measures your performance within 1/100th of a second. - A permanent power supply is not required. Dragy has a built-in battery that lasts up to ten hours. - Measuring just...
  6. blaqsheep

    Bicycle Mounting Options

    I picked up a used Ecohitch for my GTI, can anyone confirm if hardware is supplied when purchased new or you are supposed to reuse existing?
  7. blaqsheep

    Switching Rear Valence/Bumpers

    What year is your Golf? Pre-2018 only the Golf and GTI share the same bumper, so it's as easy as changing the valance. 2018+ the bumper is the same across Golf/GTI/R models so you can change the valance to your choosing with the exception of the estate/wagon version.
  8. blaqsheep

    VCDS cable for $50

    Don't bother, the malicious software is outdated and using genuine software will brick the cable. Just pick up a used OBD11 that will do majority of what VCDS can do with an easy UI interface, or find a used genuine Ross-Tech cable. You can always then make some money back by offering coding...
  9. blaqsheep

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I got the same one for like $20 on Amazon Warehouse deals. Requires periodic pumping but for the money it works fine. Pneumatic oil extractor will be next if this ever breaks. Curious how you find the NVH with the diesel version, this is the route I was going to take to replace my 034 inserts.
  10. blaqsheep

    Where Does The Garage Door Clicker Go?

    To my surprise the driver side cubby has enough spacing to store my opener and OBD11 side by side.
  11. blaqsheep

    best option for more camber

    If you want a fixed plate with no increase to NVH, the Eurosport insert is the way to go. Paired with CSS knuckles will give you a decent amount of negative camber. Otherwise if you're building a track tool and NVH isn't a concern, go with adjustable plates like Vorschlag.
  12. blaqsheep

    Bicycle Mounting Options

    A bit unconventional but I really like my SeaSucker Talon. Easy to use and fits on pretty much any car. Hasn't let me down under excessive speeds. Downside is there's no security, they sell a cable lock attachment but I don't leave my bike up there...
  13. blaqsheep

    Blue Smoke on Startup

    It's a pretty common issue, it's the valve stems. Same thing on my IS38 GTI.
  14. blaqsheep

    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    I've actually been a member on here for a while and have had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with @burgerkong in person, he's a stand up guy; very knowledgeable and resourceful. While it's unfortunate your shipped order is delayed, the manner in which way you carry yourself (rather, your...
  15. blaqsheep

    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    So you filed a case because you didn't give it enough time? Letter mail takes a while you know, especially from Canada to Europe. Do you not realize what's going on in the world today? You sound like an awful buyer to deal with...
  16. blaqsheep

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    How 'bout a photo on the car?
  17. blaqsheep

    Official White Silver Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    Just passed 4 years of ownership. Will treat it to its first paint correction and sealant in the spring.
  18. blaqsheep

    MK7.5 Rear Valance Removal

    Nothing to destroy, process should be the same. The bumper is identical across 7.5 Golf/GTI/R so it is the valance that changes. You'll see everything clearly once you're under the bumper.
  19. blaqsheep

    Blown motor

    At which point did you get the cyl 2 misfire and cylinder disable codes (first pic) compared to the rest of the codes?