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  1. GC854

    40 years of performance Golfs

    Interesting video from Car magazine here.
  2. GC854

    2014GTD v 2016 GTD

    My 2014 70,000 mile GTD was replaced last week with a 2016 GTD. I have now covered 1500 miles in the new car and thought I would post some of my impressions on the differences between the cars which may be of use to any of you who are wondering about the spec for a new car. My impressions are...
  3. GC854

    Facelift Due March 2016

    Just had the Feb!!! edition of What Car pop through my letterbox which contains a list of all new cars expected in 2016 and lists many cars which are getting facelifts. VW are facelifting the Up (New engines) and Golf. No details on the facelift but it is due in March! As I am due to pick up...
  4. GC854

    About to order new GTD - What Spec???

    I have been running a stock GTD for around 20 months. The only extra added being Santiagos. Have loved the car and this time round VW have dropped the leasing price for a replacement by around £1k per year. The lease is for 2yrs at 35000 miles per year. So.... I can add some toys but which ones...
  5. GC854

    Frightening Oil Consumption

    Folks, I know I have been a bit silly, but I thought it might be enlightening to share my experience and perhaps stop one of the other forum members making a similar mistake. Before setting off today on another 450 mile slog I decided to give the tyres a kick and check the fluids. The tyres...
  6. GC854

    White Car - Black Tar

    Folks I would really appreciate some advice on tat spot removal. I noticed some tar spots on my white car today - they are hard to miss given the colour and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good tar remover which would not leave a brownish streak across the paintwork. I have noticed of...
  7. GC854

    White GTD - 35000 annual miles expected

    Well folks the time is nearly here. Today I handed over my 55000 miles Skoda Superb and received a VW Tiguan to keep me going over the weekend until my new GTD is handed over on Monday. I anticipate driving it around 35000 miles each year and thought there might be some interest in a journal...