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    MK7 GTI Brake Caliper on TSI

    You will need to change the front rotors regardless of which GTI Caliper you fit
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    Mk7 1.4 tfsi - temp gauge reading 90° within 3 minutes, obd live data reading about 15°less - cooling fan is not cutting in

    The dash temp display is buffered - it will show 90 deg when coolant temp is 68 - 109deg. Means it sits steady and doesn’t swing all over the place in normal operation. This is normal. however, your have had coolant wicking it’s way thru the loom - remove the plug at the ecu and check for...
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    Vanity Plate Translations

    I like that it says “vacationland” at the bottom 😂. My kinda vacation certainly requires no pants!
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    MK7 Confessions

    A bayside blue R34 GTR with bronze TE37s 😍 Or a WRC blue WRX STI V5 coupe on stock bronze wheels…. I don’t know if that emoji is allowed 😁
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    Vanity Plate Translations

    Has obviously had BMWs before…..
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    MK7 Confessions

    Good quality torch 😜
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    GTI PP 340mm front brake conversion on a 4Motion GSW.

    From what I understand you need to know if your strut tube diameter is 50mm or 55mm. If it is 55mm you have the same knuckles as the GTi and the calliper bolts on. if you have 50mm struts, you will need to change them for 55mm versions, and new knuckles and wheel bearings.
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    2018 GTI SE, shocks shot at 36K?

    i had 3 shocks replaced under warranty (both front and one rear) at 18months/14000kms on our Mk7. they all had failed by 35kms so I fitted a set of Bilstiens. Will probably try the Konis when they wear out.
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    Vanity Plate Translations

    Sky diving gone wrong? (Felt Earth) 😂
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    DSG Jerky help

    Sounds like the clutches are done
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    Intermittent Adaptive Front Lighting System / Dynamic Cornering Light Error

    Sorry, I missed that it was a FL with LEDs, mine is pre with Xenon. I still reckon it’ll be a poor contact or solder joint on a led emitter
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    Intermittent Adaptive Front Lighting System / Dynamic Cornering Light Error

    Try replacing both the cornering light bulbs. My wife’s Golf had this intermittent issue for a few weeks that I traced to a damaged filament in one bulb that would make contact and work but would jitter when driving causing the error message to erratically occur.
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    DAP Video :Camshaft issues

    Sooooo many issues avoidable for pretty much all cars with regular maintenance and checks. We tell customers they should check oil, water and tyre pressures every time they fill the car with fuel as a minimum as it helps spot issues before they become issues!
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    Spark plug torque wrench

    NGK has the angle torque for the different seat types on the box - conical seat is 1/8 turn after contact, washer type 2/3 turn. Both feel “nice and snug”, so that’s good enough for me, and the techs & engine builders I’ve worked with for 20 years 😂
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    3D Printer & C.A.D. Thread

    0.6mm nozzle is great for speed if you’re doing lots of straight stuff or things without too much detail. my ender pro is usually 25mm first layer, 75mm outer walls and top, 98mm for the rest, on a 0.6 nozzle.
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    DSG Jerky help

    Might be a TSB software if yours has had the DSG accumulator recall
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    DSG Jerky help

    Clutches can be measured via a basic settings procedure - but be warned: if the clutches are below the minimum limit in the software the vehicle will then refuse to drive until the clutches are measured as above minimum, ie you replace them. Ones who are familiar with them can tell by the data...
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    DSG Jerky help

    I’d be getting the clutches measured. Also, TVS drive ability and life extender map is fantastic for these
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    Underboost Problem Almost Immediately After APR Stage 1 Tune

    I’m not a tuner, just a grease monkey, but looking at the timing changes and the corresponding large jump in torque once the “ignition delay” goes negative (i assume advanced in other words) I would be thinking Diggs is on the money with timing. Throttle body map looks good. I am curious on the...