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    FS: IS38 (no actuator)

    Pulled from a Golf R Boss 600 build. Turbo has 24k miles on it. It does not include an actuator. You can use your IS20 actuator with this. $750 shipped
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    Anyone looking for a MIB2 unit?

    I replaced my entire MIB2 unit with an Android deck. I have no further use for the OEM unit. If anyone is interested
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    FS - Complete MIB2

    Includes head unit & brains. I went to a full Android deck.
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    FS - IS38 low miles. Revision H

    Pulled off of a 2016 Golf R for a large turbo build. Revision H IS38 with 7800 miles on it. This is the turbo only, no actuator included. $800 shipped Turbo is packaged and ready to be shipped. Was considering hybrid and picked up a spare. Change my mind and now want other parts
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    FS: Unitronic Intercooler

    Selling my used Unitronic Intercooler. Had no issues with this IC. Only replacing due to needing meth bung on IE IC. Used for about 30k miles. $500.00 shipped Will add pictures later. It has just been removed from car.
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    FS - JB4 (GTI) & Bluetooth Add On. Brand New

    Selling a brand new JB4 (Not the upgraded JB1, this is the full JB4 unit) It is brand new in box, never installed. It also includes the bluetooth add on. $475 shipped
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    Anyone looking for fueling options

    I am trying to put something together that will go well beyond stock and OEM row APR system. I ran out of fuel tuning IS38 on E85, looking to solve that and probably go TTE525 This is in very preliminary stages and will be heavily dependent if we can pool our resources and reduce R&D costs. If...
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    Anyone have a blown IS38?

    Need one for a custom turbo blanket
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    FS - Bill Boat Catless Turbo Back

    Used less than 5k miles. Went with a custom fabbed center exit. Admittedly the BB sounds better. Accepting offers
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    FS - Awe Tuning Carbon Intake with SAI

    Used less than 5k miles. Like new condition. $400 shipped
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    LED Tails - Rapid blinking front signals/errors

    Any help is suggest. 2016 I purchased from the XLR8 group buy. Initially when I installed and did the wiring the ambers were on permanently and I had rapid blinking front signals with lightning errors. I then followed DAP's instructions instead, I was able to get the amber strip off permanently...
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    Boot tap recommendations?

    So I picked up P3 and I'd like to run it with the analog sensor. Looking for boost tap suggestions. So far looking at the APR
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    Who has replaced the halogen cornering lamp bulbs?

    So I see some say the OSRAM H7 Cool Blue Hyper is the way to go. Then others say it is too blue and recommend the Philips WhiteVision as best matching the OEM LP. Thoughts?
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    PP - Who is running XDS off?

    Just wondering what that is like. Do we need brake based torque vectoring when we have a full locking diff?
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    IS38 - Heardtbreak on the dyno

    Dynapack dyno... 310 whp/350tq. Still too low. Tuner also noticed MAF sensor was maxed out at 22 psi. Not sure if this is normal and APR's software works around this?? Doing more diag next week
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    Official VMR Wheels Thread

    19 x 8.5 710 FF Bronze Burst wrapped in 235 Michelin PSS
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    IS38 - Heardtbreak on the dyno

    283 whp / 325 ft/tq @ 91 octane Low reading dyno, but still. Raced a friends K04, we were dead even. Will be reaching out to APR and running another dyno Will update as I learn more.
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    FS - OEM GTI Turbo / Side Mirrors / Tail Lamps

    OEM IHI IS20 Turbo - Taken off my 16 GTI. 8k untuned miles Side mirrors with white caps - Upgraded to power folding mirrors Tail Lamps - Upgraded to LED's Taking offers