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    VWR R31G7GT

    can't find any european dealer. don't want to buy over seas and pay import taxes. any tips for EU dealers preferable UK dealer? I'm using stock 17" rims, what spacers thickness will make it more flush (with the VWR springs installed) and same here, tips on EU dealers?
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    Carbon chiptuning

    I know there is a thread buried somewhere here about Carbon chiptuning but I think its easy to miss and its better that a moderator move it to this thread instead. That being said, I contacted first a local tuner vtech and they seems good but hadent tuned any GTD before and I contacted dtuk and...
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    Strange message on display

    Hi, My first post here (but not the last) I found this strange info when playing around in the menys. Just got the car so there is mutch to learn... is it already tuned or what? and no its not a song, I can get it up when I want it to any songs ;) I guess they hided it for service personell.