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    front sway bars

    I'm running eibach RSB and APR FSB, increased to FSB stiffness the other day. big improvement for sure and def no increased understeer. Love the change, handles more flat and def feels more grippy. feel like the fronts grip better from a stop somehow also? not sure why or how it would
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    front sway bars

    Ooo interesting, on full soft with APR front rn but gonna have to play around with the stiffer settings
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    What's the latest on these aftermarket head units?

    The “hacking” process for MIB2 to activate FEC features like CarPlay and Nav isn’t all that bad really and I’d encourage it over paying extra for someone else to do it if you have any basic knowledge of using command line processes if you do decide to go down the OEM route instead. I am not 100%...
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    Do you have the OE brackets still or only the vagbremtech ones?
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    MIB2 Retrofit...Speakers Not Functioning!

    Yeah, was mentioning mostly for reference of coding those 4-7 bytes in 5F
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    MIB2 Retrofit...Speakers Not Functioning!

    all this is a bit outside of my knowledge so I have no clue if it’s helpful but my car with fender has byte 4-7 set to 00 on 5F and instead on the sound system module (47), it has byte 5-7 coded to AA with byte 8 also available for HT/TT coding but set to 00
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    Timing chain tensioner issue

    thats pretty insane, hard to think the engine would've had any work at all at 50 miles so hard to think it wasnt something done at factory
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    Timing chain tensioner issue

    Yeah, was just general curious if earlier failures might be limited to the CNS* engines but sounds like it’s not
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    Timing chain tensioner issue

    Roughhhh. Out of curiosity, do you know what engine code you have? Curious if it’s worse of a thing for the early gen engines compared to later
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    LF: Front sway bar (FWD)

    Just thought I’d put a LF for a front sway bar before I buy a new one. Looking for an aftermarket one specifically, thanks!
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    For those with the 1.8 golf, how is the pedal feel with this setup?
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    Car alarm no longer working

    Hey everyone, I installed the chirp alarm siren a long time ago which basically makes it chirp when locking and has a non-horn siren for the car alarm (basically the same sound Audis make). For a long time it’s worked fine but I realized lately that the car alarm siren doesn’t work anymore but...
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    Free Alltrack splash shield with bracket.

    Give me a month, I’ll happily pick it up once I’m moved down to FL
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    SOLD - MK7 Racingline Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Sold to me and received today, can vouch for this seller 👌🏽
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    FS OEM Roof rails for 4 door Golf/GTI

    Is this still available?
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    Free Alltrack splash shield with bracket.

    I’ll be moving to Florida in a couple months, would def be interested in local pick up if you still got it around august
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    SOLD - MK7 Racingline Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Hey I wanna buy this! Pmed!
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    Porsche boxster 4 piston brakes (NQSBBK) fitted on MK7 GTi.

    Sorry for the late reply, it is Hydraulic Brake Booster in Adaptions. Lower values = more rear bias
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    Timing chain tensioner issue

    Don’t know about what channels to check but I did have to get my chain replaced around 55k miles on my 2015