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  1. Lord_Flexington

    Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM dual port VW Audi 2.0

    Thats cool shot you a DM!
  2. Lord_Flexington

    SOLD FS: JB4 with Bluetooth connector $150

    Aye I'll take this off your hands shipping up to syracuse.
  3. Lord_Flexington

    To follow up on your post. There are 2 DMV groups that are mk7mqb based one is NOVAdubs and NGP...

    To follow up on your post. There are 2 DMV groups that are mk7mqb based one is NOVAdubs and NGP (New german performance) is a EU race shop/perfmance shop thats is always looking to help customers plan out things and have fun.
  4. Lord_Flexington

    FS: OEM Stock mk7.5 Downpipe $500 SOLD

    This still available?
  5. Lord_Flexington

    Official APEX VW VS-5RS Forged 17" Wheel Thread

    Brushed Clear looks fantastic. Looking forward to running a set in the future :D
  6. Lord_Flexington

    TPC IS20 Hybrid from stock

    Depends on timing. Im debating trying the proven unit first. Just to see what it can do. Then the BB. AFter that go right to the biggest one we can flow fuel with :D
  7. Lord_Flexington

    TPC IS20 Hybrid from stock

    wasn't really worth it. given the power the 1.8 can do on a normal is20. then slap anyother hybrid the 18 just wasn't going to have a place to exist from what I understand. getting ready to put a TPC20 on the 1.8 this fall.
  8. Lord_Flexington

    Are you running SPULEN Boost Pipe kit? Come in please.

    Sadly i do not. You can certainly shoot them a message tho!
  9. Lord_Flexington

    Are you running SPULEN Boost Pipe kit? Come in please.

    I run the usp intake. so that works perfectlt with no mods. usp=spulen
  10. Lord_Flexington

    How to fit a Wide Corbeau FX1 Seat in the mmmkay 7

    Yoo its still works! Its not a bad seat by any means. I will be replacing it at the end of the year with a sabelt offering to have a matching setup. Honestly did its job and it fits me. WHat i did do is swap brackets. that corbuae seat bracket was pitifully weak. So i picked one up from Planted...
  11. Lord_Flexington

    Turbo blankets

    basically. Had a bunch of numbskulls say silly shit like that on FB too. 100% needed if you do anything where you need optimal performance. Reducing temps is one of the best ways to get more mechanical performance out of vehicles.
  12. Lord_Flexington

    TPC Performance Housing Turbo Thread (Not the IS38 Ball Bearing thread....)

    Hes correct on all. I'm one of the few running a LPFP and HPFP specifically because E tunes aren't allowed in my competition class (thankfully) and there is none around. I'll be running the 25 as I'm going to bigger tracks this year and can use more top end seeing as the car pulls like a...
  13. Lord_Flexington

    Track Approved Catch Cans

    Yea thats basically what it comes to. Spulen setup getting ready for year 5 of abuse but I'm adding the baffeled oil pan from iabed. lets see how she does.
  14. Lord_Flexington

    Easthood Racing's Time Attack/Getaway Driver GTI

    oy, thanks for the reminder on this! I need more time! Sadly last year just got so Chaotic towards the end. I did the Fastivus event and basically had one more fun "cruise" type event before the season was over or events ended (In NY track season ends in October ) Almost ready to get back at...
  15. Lord_Flexington

    Consensus 1.8T AT Best Tune for Daily Driver?

    Good to know. I'll holla at Stratified and see if they want to put something together for us. Been focused on 2.0 side for a while so im behind on the 1.8 for sure.