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  1. miikez.

    MK7 GTI over 100k, what am I in for?

    My 2015 gti started giving me issues around 50k. I was the original owner and always used 93 octane. I also lived in a city (Chicago) so lots of stop and go traffic. Some symptoms I experienced were misfires, harsh ride, low power, power surging when trying to accelerate. One of the flaps on the...
  2. miikez.

    MK7 GTI over 100k, what am I in for?

    These videos sum it up nicely.
  3. miikez.

    MK7 GTI over 100k, what am I in for?

    You may eventually need to replace the PCV valve. Pretty cheap and easy to DIY.
  4. miikez.

    6MT MK7 vs 500hp R32

    "a win for him in my eyes" :ROFLMAO: Poor r32
  5. miikez.

    GTI PP 340mm front brake conversion on a 4Motion GSW.

    Yeah I just went with it since it was a cheap part and easy swap.
  6. miikez.

    GTI PP 340mm front brake conversion on a 4Motion GSW.

    I upgraded the master cylinder to a Golf R master cylinder when I switched over to Golf R brakes. Kept the same brake booster.
  7. miikez.

    is38 install location shops
  8. miikez.

    2019 GTI MT transmission issue

    Can you still start the engine? Personally I would take it to an independent shop instead of the dealer. Pure Motorsport is in your area.
  9. miikez.

    Basic Audio Upgrade Help

    Here's some more info about the clarity. You can also keep your spare without issue. Totally worth it imo and not too expensive. Install is pretty easy and only took about 30-40 minutes.
  10. miikez.

    Basic Audio Upgrade Help

    A lot of people (myself included) just add the Helix sub and call it a day. It's a direct plug and play sub that also has an amp included. The sub removes the lows out of the main speakers, giving them a better "quality" sound. Here's more info. My MK7 gti se had Fender audio so you may be...
  11. miikez.

    Bags Vs coilovers

    I had a mk6 gti that was bagged. Looked cool when parked but that's about it. Had a couple issues here and there, ended up switching to coils. So much easier to not have to mess with anything and just get in and go.
  12. miikez.

    Show us your MK7

    Grocery getter.
  13. miikez.

    Questions about upcoming SMOG check

    I moved to Los Angeles about 1.5 years ago and had to smog my 2018 Golf Sportwagen when I got here in order to register my car in California. I have an IC, DP, is38, and APR tune. In order to pass smog I had to put my OEM DP back on and revert back to the stock tune, then drive around for a...
  14. miikez.

    Show us your MK7

    Cars and Coffee this past Sunday.
  15. miikez.

    Need Clutch Upgrade Advice!

    I have a 1.8 gsw 4motion with an is38 and supporting mods. My Sachs stage 1 clutch just went out after about 40k miles even though the my tune only calls for 334 lb/tq. Decided to go with South Bend Stage 2 Endurance w/ SMF this time around. I would probably look into Stage 3 kits if you're...
  16. miikez.

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Some upgrades have arrived for the install next week. Still waiting on a couple others things. Also snagged one of these BFI harlequin shift knobs.
  17. miikez.

    Stock Clutch Confusion/Fear

    Maybe they resurfaced the flywheel? My sachs clutch started recently slipping and the other night I barely made it home. During that drive home I had a lot of the same symptoms you had. It’s been parked in my garage since and I ended up just ordering a new clutch kit that will be going in next...