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  1. ReadTheBook

    JB4 installations Bay Area

    You can totalllly do this from the top, no ramps needed and passing through the firewall is easy enough as well especially if you have DSG. I’ve done it lots of times. I can walk you through it if you want to do a video call or something.
  2. ReadTheBook

    WTB: MK7/7.5 Golf R license plate frame

    yeah each accessory has a part number, unfortunately they didn’t change the number when they went from 7 to 8. There was a revision but the part number still comes back the same no matter how you type it in and it is now always for the 8 frame. Some sites still picture the 7 frame but will ship...
  3. ReadTheBook

    WTB: MK7/7.5 Golf R license plate frame

    No, the MK7/7.5 R plate frame with the R rogo on it, not the bracket to mount it. The currently available frames, which have the same part number as the ones for 7/7.5, have the new MK8 R logo. We got a Dark Violet Pearl which belonged to @FSTSNAL
  4. ReadTheBook

    WTB: MK7/7.5 Golf R license plate frame

    Looking for a MK7/7.5 Golf R license plate frame for our new to us Spektrum R. Cash in hand or I also have some hard to find clean MK4 parts we can chat about. Please and thank you.
  5. ReadTheBook

    [WTB] OEM Golf R Shift Knob

    Picked up a 2019 R and looking to find a new or like new OEM knob as the one in it had been replaced with an aftermarket that I don’t personally care for. Thanks
  6. ReadTheBook

    MK7 GTI over 100k, what am I in for?

    All of you folks with your high miles cars make me jealous. Sold my 2017 Sport after VW warrantied an engine replacement at 37k miles due to cyl 3 failure. Such a love hate with that car. All sorts of little weird shit always going wrong, including a code driving it home day 1 because some...
  7. ReadTheBook

    What oil do you run?

    Still the one that I lost my MK7 motor on and that I burned by far the most oil with though. I know so many swear by it.
  8. ReadTheBook

    A-pillar rattle/buzz... Finally fixed!

    You’re welcome, glad the post is still of help all these years later.
  9. ReadTheBook

    DSG service method....

    For anyone who comes across this, the Pentosin kit is still only around $100 at RockAuto, no need to overpay for VW labels on the bottle. Or buy the kit from FCP and just pay shipping to send the old oil back.
  10. ReadTheBook

    GTD clutch pedal to floor this morning

    Any obvious brake fluid leaks? If not I’d say prob throw out bearing/slave.
  11. ReadTheBook

    Going to Wookies ITW?

    R32 focused event, hence the name. People bring Rs, certainly, and there was a lot of Spektrums there last year and I suspect this year. There will always be other stuff there, some R32 owners might fly in and rent stuff, some will just bring other stuff. It’s very very hard to find anywhere...
  12. ReadTheBook

    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations.

    Interesting. Was that on a daily? Did it consume any oil? That was a big factor for me. ALWAYS 1 or more L consumed with M1 for some reason. LM I don’t consume anything noticeable. I know there’s no Moly.
  13. ReadTheBook

    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations.

    I’d stick to one brand. Oil will build up that protective layer based on its detergent composition/additive pack and base. You go in with another oil and it has different detergents and it’ll spend time breaking down the other stuff you’ve built up, another logical point referenced in the above...
  14. ReadTheBook

    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations.

    Except in my experience each of the 4 MK7s we’ve owned burned that M1 0w40 while I haven’t experienced that with LM or AMS 5w40 at all. My 2017 sport ran M1 for ~27k of its 37k miles before losing an engine. Just my empirical opinion but I won’t run it anymore, certs or not and I’m fairly...
  15. ReadTheBook

    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations. You can feel safe using any oil on that list as long as the oil has the 502.00 spec. That’s what your 2016 uses.
  16. ReadTheBook

    MK7 Confessions

    Nah, scrapple tastes like trash.
  17. ReadTheBook

    MK7 Confessions

    I shared with her all of the last messages regarding this topic and she said I had to share this with the thread now too. We live in CA these days but that was done in Jersey. State meat and state flower and a little reminder of what we all need to do. I love my wife.
  18. ReadTheBook

    MK7 Confessions

    Ain’t no place on that package that it says “Taylor Ham” and the product is not recognized to fit the definition of “ham”. Pork Roll forever.