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    Manual gearbox oil change 1.6 TDI

    Hi Im planning to change the oil in my gearbox, its a manual 5 speed gearbox and just wondering if anyone else has changed it, in their Golf? Want to see how easy or hard it is to do it. Did look at it and think i found drain plug and two more nuts at the side of it. I presume, i drain it and...
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    hello, just want to ask how many thousand kilometres people did before they had to replace any kind of a bushing. I currently did 71,ooo km and all bushings are 100% and not a knock out of it. Its my first car from new and just wondering is that good or normal? I do about 60-70% of my driving on...
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    Need help please, with TRA 60% message displayed

    Hi everyone, Got my car serviced this morning and when I got back into it, I noticed that there is something on display. It says TRA 60%. I went back into VW dealers and asked them about it, they said they don't know what it is, they started noticing it on few mk7 Golfs, and they are trying to...
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    Engine problem!!! UNBELIEVABLE

    Had a constant problems with my car for last 13 months which is from the day one that I bought it. Garage couldn't find a fault for a while, no faults came up on a computer. After 2 months that I bought the car, it started to shake when started, it then took coupe of extra turn to start it...
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    Faulty Injectors (replaced)

    I have a GOLF mk7 1.6 TDI I had to get injectors replaced under warranty. Thats how it started, had a car about 2 months and noticed that when i used to start it from cold, it shacked slightly at the start but then after couple of seconds it was grand. As mileage went up on the car, the car...
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    White/Black MK7 - 18" rims

    I did mine up almost same ha, maybe a white bonnet bra???
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    Bonnett Bra

    Iv a white car and a white bonnet bra and im very happy with it, it saves the bonnet a lot and i think looks ok too, cause color matches.
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    Rattling center armrest

    Hi Does anyone else have this problem? The armrest is constantly rattling when turning a car or going over bumps. I have it two notches up and fully extended and that rattle is so annoying. It only stops when it is folded away fully.
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    Replacing Brake Pads

    Hi everyone. Just have a question about replacing brake pads. I found this Autel EBS301 Electronic Brake Service Tool , it says it works for replacing pads and all that. Did anyone ever use such thing??? Is it any good??? or better of getting it done in the dealers??? It costs about 200...
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    Hard to start on cold engine

    Hi everyone I started to have this problem on my golf mk7. When the engine is cold and I'm starting it first time, it takes a lot of turning the engine to start it, it could take good 10 seconds to start it, even tho 10 seconds sound little, but when I'm in the car starting it, it feels like it...
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    Car shaking (jurking) when started from cold

    have my golf 2 months now 9k km on it and when i start it from cold, the car seems to be jurking and shaking, but when i take off on it and stop, the shaking goes and doesnt come back. Did anyone else experience this problem ???