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    GTI Lego

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    No More 2 Door GTI

    Re-Post. My Bad
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    2 Door GTi Is Dead
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    How A CVT Works

    Delete Plz
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    How A CVT Works
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    Which of the 7 Generations is the Best

    Interesting Video.
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    VW Website for Affected Diesels

    "The website - - offers a full frequently asked questions section to try and help put owners' minds at ease regarding their cars and of course, is very apologetic in tone. The site is also where updates will be posted regarding the action the VW Group will be taking to remedy...
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    Macht Quits/Fired From VW Over MQB Woes
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    MK7 GTD Review

    Source: Back in 2010, we attended the launch for the sixth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTD, an event set on the scenic roads of the cult car's natural habitat – southern Bavarian curving two-lanes complete with shocking...
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    2013, VW Golf Mk 7 Production Video Wolfsburg Plant
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    Prius with F1 sound generator

    Lol..I would rather put baseball cards in my spokes.
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    Should I bother fighting it?

    Plead Not Guilty Hire an attorney. Pay him the few hundred bucks to get the ticket thrown out, or reduced. Better than paying for a speeding ticket that is considered excessive speeding, the points on your license and the increase in your insurance for several years. If you don't know an...