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    Anyway to get the latest software in a MK7.5?

    For Android, you can buy a USB dongle that plugs into the car and allows for wireless android auto. I know the same thing exists for carplay, but I am not familiar with the options and quality. Out of curiosity, does someone have a link to that sheet?
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    Jim Lloyd 5/13/1948 till 5/25/2022

    RIP Jim. You will be missed.
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    feeling guilty...forgot about oil change

    You are fine. Sometimes new/used cars sit on the lot for over a year before they are sold, and they dont change the oil before the owner drives off.
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    Wireless Android Auto Indiegogo project

    Thank you for the feedback. I'll probably pick one up once inventory normalizes and Google doesn't shut the project down 😅
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    If the factory paint was peeling/defective while still under warranty (for what part of the car's warranty for 2015 year cars that covers paint defects) and you reached out to the dealer with evidence (and this is documented in email - not a phone call unless you recorded it with the date being...
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    Wireless Android Auto Indiegogo project

    I saw that 9to5 article a few weeks ago. They reviewed a POC version (both software and hardware), so it makes sense they did not do a video review in real time showing performance. I'm a little surprised there aren't any youtube reviews like this yet for the final product. Maybe in a few for...
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    Wireless Android Auto Indiegogo project

    Has anyone here bought this? If so how is it working on your factory head unit? What phone are you using as well? They just put out the following update for VW headunits and was curious if anyone has purchased it yet and tried it out?
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    Bought a TCR Muffler for my US spec Mk7.5 GTI

    Is the size and shape of the TCR muffler 1:1 with the 2019 7.5 muffler? I have a hidden hitch installed and was curious if the TCR muffler would interfere,,
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    The definitive dashcam thread

    AUKEY Dash Cam - Wife and i both have this one. We are happy with its performance even with Phoenix, AZ heat after 2 years so far. Recorded a windshield falling off the back of a truck Recorded someone running from the cops
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    Places to look for used GTI.

    +1 for autotempest Used car prices are high currently. Get values from KBB, NADA and a 3rd of your choice when comparing.
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    2019 GTI: rear main seal leak

    My 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition DSG had a rear main seal leak at 8k miles. Replaced under warranty after 2 weeks of driving with dye added to the oil. At about 17k miles today with no leak visible from underside. Corporate VW service team requested a dye to be added to my oil, drive for 2 weeks...
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    2019 GTI DSG 1st gear hangs

    Was not getting on it, was accelerating with traffic from a stop at a red light. Oil was at around 140-180 during the 2 times it happened last night. Does the transfluid heat up about 1:1 with engine oil? I'd assume it is a little slower.
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    2019 GTI DSG 1st gear hangs

    Yes I am aware of the risks related to warranty coverage and tunes. No for battery disconnection or replacement.
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    2019 GTI DSG 1st gear hangs

    Edited my post above as i typed it late in the evening as it was a little misleading. This happened once a few weeks ago, and then twice last night during a short sub 5 mile trip. Today driving around for 20 min or so stopping and going it happened 0 times. Double Edit - just spoke with a VW...
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    2019 GTI DSG 1st gear hangs

    OBD Eleven Dump OBDeleven data log Date: 2020-11-11 23:14 Car: Volkswagen Golf GTI Year: 2019 Body type: 5-dr hatchback Engine: DKFA Mileage: 27001 KM --------------------------------------------------------------- 01 Engine System description: 2.0l R4 TFSI Software number: 5G0906259Q...
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    2019 GTI DSG 1st gear hangs

    2019 GTI rabbit edition 7 speed dsg Unitronic Stage 1 TCU/ECU since 8k miles Currently 16k miles EDIT - This happened once a few weeks ago, and then twice the evening i posted this during a sub 5 mile drive... First gear has either shifted at 3500 rpm or continued all the way to nearly red...
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    2021 GTI SE ordered!

    Yes, get the white... Preserve the uniqueness of my Cornflower Rabbit edition :ROFLMAO:
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    2021 GTI SE ordered!

    Congrats! As a 19 Rabbit Edition owner in Cornflower Blue im a little salty (for the sake of being unique) they are using it again for the SE model.
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    New gti owner

    Carbon build up between 50-100k miles that cause misfires Leaking thermostat housings Leaking Water pumps Sunroof leaks I think some early 2015 models had bad turbos? (I think this was less common) Weak factory clutches are a debatable topic as there is much human error in there. This might be...