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    As above, Golf MK7 GTD MILLTEK EXHAUST, this is a centre back exhaust. Comes with centre and rear sections, and convertor to fits standard downpipe. fits really well, twin chrome tips fill the rear valance cut out so much better! No real increase in noise. Collection is preferred. Can...
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    DTUK CRD3+ Tri-Channel Tuning System & Pedal Box Combo

    SOLD As above - DTUK CRD3+ Tri-Channel Tuning System & Pedal Box Combo Pictures of the pedal box are in my ad for it, I will take pics of the tuning box. Easy to fit, happy to fit it for you, if you collect/meet in convenient location. From 184 to circa 240 hp and torque up from 380nm to...
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    DTUK Pedal Box PB-3712 (Mk7 GTD/GTI)

    As above, DTUK PEDAL Box PB-3712, 9 months old, putting car back to standard. Fully boxed, all fitting instructions. Taken from my MK7 GTD, I believe it fits GTI's and R's. please do your homework on this. Perfect Condition. £120 posted. Call me on 07752 211189 Located in Somerset, happy...
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    Continental Contisportcontact 5 - get some!

    I assist with a team running a Golf Mk6 endurance car. We usually run in 12/24hr races. This last weekend we ran a car (we won it last year) in the Race of Remembrance. A 10 hour race split into 3 parts, with several injured servicemen driving. The car is running circa 400 bhp, with a...
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    GTI Gilet

    As above, immaculate Genuine VW GTI gilet. I bought this from my local dealer a couple of years ago, not worn it much. Red GTI logo embroidered on breast. Size large - non smoking and pet free home. UK only. £30 posted. Contact 07752 211189
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I added ambient LED lighting to the front door pockets, supplied from the door handle light (not the door release catch led) so they are variable and dim using the interior light set up page in the infotainment. They also switch to full brightness as soon as the door is opened. I used 12v led...
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    ETKA Availbility

    Anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of ETKA? It used to be readily available.
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    Interesting for those with MiB2 and nav. Speed camera audible warnings.

    Worth a read.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    UK car. Yes the red reflectors at the base of the doors. They are half red and half white. They illuminate when the door is open. Rears is as per post 43 in this thread ( thanks sootchucker) fronts are in this thread (thanks Roger)...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Today I fitted door warning lights all round. Looks good. Fronts were fairly easy, rears were even easier.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Took about 2 mins a side to remove, as per the you tube video in my post, then took them to my local body shop, got them back two days later. Fitted in 5 mins. A really easy but effective mod.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I fitted piano black mirror caps to my LSG GTD. You do not need to remove the glass to remove the caps - you tube video Not bad for £40.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Fitted an extra boot light, then changed the standard boot light bulbs to LED and fitted rear footwell lights.
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    Incorrect order

    I have just taken delivery of my Golf GTD, and I really like the car. However I have been a touch under whelmed with the Dynamic (or adaptive) chassis control that I ordered when specifying options. This is controlled by the mode switch in the centre console.
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    Is my dealer pulling the wool?

    Ordered a LSG GTD On 25th April. Been checking the tracker religiously and it still says 'with the factory' . Here is the rub, my dealer assures me it will be BW 31, and be delivered early sept. How long before BW does the tracker show and move to stage 3? I read posts on here of others...
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    which watch do you wear?

    Have a few too many watches..... Rolex GMT Pepsi (mint condition) Rolex sub, tag Fi early watch ( 30 years old bought with first wage), tag Aqua racer, seiko titanium dress watch, traser titanium, red bull edifice, suunto vector, and just buying this.....
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    UK Tech Pack - reminder

    All those looking to order a GTD/I/R with the options of Discovery Nav Pro and Dynaudio, you can combine them into the tech pack and save over a £1000. Not many dealers know this it seems. Mine didn't.
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    Limestone Grey GTD ordered

    I have pushed the button on a LG GTD. Currently running a nearly 3 year old 218ps 125D Beemer (a very usable car!). I do Fancy a change, and an upgrade in tech. Options are: 5 Door DSG Dis PRO Advanced Tele 18's, climate screen Dynamic chassis control Dynaudio, panoramic sunroof...