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    Word Association Game # 1

  2. jp_cfc09

    Word Association Game # 1

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    this ever happen to you dsg mk7.

    was sitting on a steep slope looking to turn right, its hard spot to get out at the best of times to be honest. it was busy afterdoon today (friday) and seen a nice clear opening where I could go if I was quick enough. so auto hold was on and in drive, put the boot down to go and bang. thought...
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    whats the button at the side of the door do?

    lol wondering what the button behind the driver door does, beside the drivers seat. it says off with a pic of a car, lights up if no key is in.
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    Word Association Game # 1

  6. jp_cfc09

    Word Association Game # 1

  7. jp_cfc09

    advice on h15 upgrade kit.

    hi guys I just got them h15 upgrade kit blub covers to make my drl white/blue, bit of advice to anyone in the future looking them. DONT LOL, instructions may as well been in dutch to be honest, the pics were so bad you warnt sure what your looking at. finally got them in after haveing to remove...
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    Word Association Game # 1

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    engine hiss normal?

    Hi when I switch my car off after a drive there is a small hiss every few seconds for a few times, is this normal. If I start and switch off on the spot theres nothing so only after I drive which I take is a vaccum releasing its pressure. Is this normal and just something releasing pressure...
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    Word Association Game # 1

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    help about bulbs?

    Hi im wondering if anyone knows if led bulbs work on the mk7 golf, I had a astra last and they never. After paying £10 for nice set they flicked on and off so asked the dealer and was told they are like the new bmw and the car wont light them. Dont want to waste more money to be disappointed...
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    Word Association Game # 1

  13. jp_cfc09

    Word Association Game # 1

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    how to remove rear door panels??

    admin please trash this thread, not needed no more, thanks.