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    SOLD: ECS Flush kit, 20mm/12.5mm, 5x112 with lugs, $100 shipped

    SOLD: Selling my flush kit with 20mm rear, 12.5mm front ECS hubcentric spacers. The spacers and lug bolts are in great shape and have minimal use. $100 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Want, no need, to get back in the game

    Long story short I had a perfect, loaded Pure White 2016 SE with all the goodies that I bought used, drove for a year and a half, and sold to Riceburner on these forums (and he is now selling it!). I've missed the car badly and about to start shopping again. Problem is my budget is pretty low...
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    Sportwagen with Austin's

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time finding images of a Sportwagen with Austin GTI wheels. I doubt this is a very popular upgrade but i want to replace the 15" stock alloys and don't want to go aftermarket. Anyone have images they can share?
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    Alzor 881 or Ampliform?

    I know, I know, opposite ends of the spectrum so to speak. I tried to order Ampliforms from Discount Tire a couple of weeks ago but their inventory was off and the wheels were out of stock. So I can wait it out, or after seeing Bassman's car I've really been liking the Alzor 881 LM reps...
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    Best time to buy wheels/tires

    I'll be replacing my Austin's before Summer and wondered if anyone had feedback on when they have seen the best incentives for a combo purchase. I seem to remember Discount Tire had a pretty good Memorial Day sale last year, but outside of that I'm not aware of anything. I'm looking at Konig...
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    What am I missing...advice on CPO 2015 purchase

    Hello all. New to the forum but not the GTI world as I've previously owned a MK2 and MK3. After the MK3 I had to take a was kind of a nightmare. Quality seems to be good on the MK7 so I'm jumping back in. I'm looking at a 2015 CPO with 43K at a dealer. Carfax checks out, and it...