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    Will this 17" Audi A3 wheel fit on the R?

    Re-posting to the correct location. To start, I am aware that this giant resourceful thread exists but the A3 wheel I'm trying to get confirmation of fitment (basically clearance over the caliper) has the worst Option Code name for forum and google searching ("F40")--even when restricting to...
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    Please delete

    MODS: Please delete, posted to wrong sub.
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    WTB: (4) 225/40R18 Mk7 OE tires (Pirelli, Conti)

    Hey there, looking for 4 Mk7 OE tires (225/40R18, Pirelli Cinturato, ContiProContact, etc.) with at least 4/32 of tread left (yeah, lease turn-in). I live in Eastern Michigan but I'm willing to drive or pay for shipping if you're willing to. Thanks.
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    WTB: One Austin wheel (for '15 GTI)

    I'm in need of a single Austin Wheel for my '15 GTI (I hate curbs, and now I know that they hate me). I'd prefer one without a tire mounted, but will consider buying one with. Thanks.