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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Hi @Ed @ EQT I recently bought and finally flashed your stage 1 and it's amazing. The only thing I noticed is that the throttle is slightly too sensitive in sports mode. I prefer the heavy steering wheel feel so I tried using the custom mode setup by setting drive system to "normal" but it seems...
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    Official DIY TTRS Clutch Kit

    Thanks for the clarification! What are the HD and XD plates? Is the SA plate what gives the OEM feel?
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    Official DIY TTRS Clutch Kit

    I think a stage 2 RR is the least you can go with. I'm going eqt stage 1 but trying to decide between RR stage 2 clutch or Sachs SRE. Whichever gives me lightest stock pedal feel that doesn't chatter.
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    Official DIY TTRS Clutch Kit

    Curious how did you like your ringer racing clutch?
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    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Hi @ZERO815, the DAP instructions I got for MK7.5 appear to be slightly different. I've attached it here ( ). What is the difference between your coding and DAP's? I've uploaded a video showing what it looks like with DAP instructions in case anyone else is interested in DAP MK7.5 North...
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    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Could you please share the harness modifications and coding? I have a 2018 MK7.5 that I'd like to work with the AKD
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    DIY Guide and Review: AKD AliExpress MK7.5 LED Tail Lights for NAR MK7 Golf

    @Cssoz Would you have the coding guide for a MK7.5 to MK7.5 for the AKD?
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    MK7.5 Vertical line of dead pixels on infotainment screen

    I noticed a line of what seems to be dead pixels on my infotainment screen today. Pictures below. Anyone know if this is covered under warranty? You don't really notice it unless you're using android auto and have google maps or music open. It's just very annoying considering my car is barely a...