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  1. Chisel_86

    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    I've also been a Benz fan for a while. I had a 1999 C230 Kompressor for about 10 years and then a 2007 E63 AMG that I sold right before getting the GTI. Different kinds of fun, lol
  2. Chisel_86

    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    I have always been a VW guy. I have a link to my 1972 Super Beetle in my sig line, but here are some of it's looks over the years starting with the oldest back in 2002. Currently it sits on Porsche Tequipment Dynos from the 1st gen Boxster and brakes from a 944 Turbo.
  3. Chisel_86

    3D Printer & C.A.D. Thread

    I'm not familiar with printing, but I'm a CAD operator full time for work... I'd love to get into printing stuff.
  4. Chisel_86

    Looking for recommendations on a standing desk

    I use a flexispot at my office. It works really well and it goes “kussssshhh” when you lower it so that’s a bonus.
  5. Chisel_86

    Garage Decor

    I have a 4 foot VW logo that used to be on a parts yard storefront years ago, some various air-cooled VW body/engine parts hanging around, and a Hot Wheels display case filled with only VW models. I'll have to find my pics since my garage is currently always a mess . I also have my beer bottle...
  6. Chisel_86

    New 2022 Ford Maverick

    I'll just leave these here... :oops:
  7. Chisel_86

    New Kia Logo vs Nine Inch Nails

    My dad bought a Spirit brand new in '89. He wanted the Shadow with a stick, but since it was mainly for my mom and us kids he got the 4-door and 3-speed auto... :cry:
  8. Chisel_86

    New Kia Logo vs Nine Inch Nails

    Dodge/Chrysler had a K car in the 80's
  9. Chisel_86

    New Kia Logo vs Nine Inch Nails

    I think their new branding is fresh and much more stylish than before. They are going for edgier and sportier across the line and I think they are doing a good job of it.
  10. Chisel_86

    Any here into retro gaming?

    I've got a modded SNES mini with a full catalog of games from ATARI, Turbographix, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA... I tried doing it myself but I messed it up lol. I know a guy who does it. He mods Switches now too.
  11. Chisel_86

    RWD conversion kit

    I know right? 🤣
  12. Chisel_86

    RWD conversion kit

    Of course it is. Even Lord Voldemort was in on it. Check out the add-ons!
  13. Chisel_86

    RWD conversion kit
  14. Chisel_86

    Flat Rate Secret Santa 2020

    Get Better Soon! :cool:(y)
  15. Chisel_86

    Where do you put your phone to be used as a satnav

    I have a Kenu Airframe+ mount that I've been using in various cars for about 4 years. It's great and versatile. If I had to buy a new one I'd probably go with the Pro version. Kenu Vent Mounts
  16. Chisel_86


    Nice set. Great looking wheels for sure. GLWS.