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    Any is20 guys with dragy?

    I want to see what you are doing for 60-100 mph. I'll even welcome is12 and is38 guys as well.
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    WTB: VCV plug from a 2.0 hpfp

    I need the VCV plug that goes into the stock 2.0 hpfp. I am swapping into a 1.8, but the hpfp I have is missing the plug
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    BFI dog bone insert stage 1 v2

    I have a brand new, never used BFI stage 1 dog bone insert for version 2 mount. **SOLD**
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    Golf R hpfp and vacuum box

    Selling a hpfp and vacuum box from a 2018 golf R. It had less than 2,000 miles on it. This is what is needed to upgrade a 1.8 to the 2.0 hpfp. Also great purchase for a 2.0 car that needs a core for the hpfp upgrade. Asking **SOLD**
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    GTI injectors, fuel rail, seals and tool kit

    I have a set of gti injectors with fuel rail. I also have new seals and the puller/seal replacement tool. Asking ** SOLD **
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    BMS water/meth kit w/ AEM tank

    I have a BMS water/meth kit with an AEM 1 gallon tank. I purchased it used, but never used it. It has a CM5 nozzle and also a Nitrous Express nozzle tap for the hard pipe. $250 shipped OBO
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    Cheap gti muffler in NJ

    If anyone is looking for a gti rear muffler, I got one for cheap. Let me know and we can negotiate a price. Like $40 OBO
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    New is12 1/4 mile record

    A guy Jesse Alvarez from the Facebook group just did a 13.18@108.59 with jb4 only and e30 on the is12. He is full bolt on and he pulled the rear seats and spare on a 4 door tiptronic He ran the TwinDad secret sauce settings! Lol
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    S3 vs Golf R factory springs

    Does anyone know why the stock S3 rear springs are significantly different than the Golf R? I was using them to upgrade my sportwagen and did research on the Golf R springs. I picked up a set of S3 rears for almost nothing so I went with them. The S3 springs are 1-1/2" shorter and have 1 less...
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    Cayenne/Q7 rear calipers on the front?

    I have seen that on the MK5/6 guys did the Touereg/Cayeene/Q7 front caliper swap. they were 17z, 18z and also a 4 piston the size of the 17z. I'm a golf sportwagen and I use the same steel knuckle as them. Some say that it is a little too large for our master cylinder to be properly balanced...
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    Golf R vs S3 stock suspension

    I wouldn't think there would be a difference between them, but I picked up a set of S3 rear springs to put in my fwd sportwagen. I'm using gti springs up front. I have seen pictures of Golf R springs for sale, and they have one more coil than the S3. I'm not certain because it's just a...
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    Cold start rail pressure?

    Can someone with OBDeleven or VCDS check the start up rail pressure when you cold start and then what it is when at normal idol. I have a 2.0 hpfp in my 1.8, and something isn't communicating when I cold start below 50f. It starts at 62 bar, starts to climb a little, and then I get an EPC. When...
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    WTB: Bad HPFP from gti or R

    I'm looking for a bad hpfp from a gti, R, A3 2.0 or S3. I just need the solenoid with plug from it.
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    Full weight, pano roof sportwagen vs. SRT8 Charger

    I was coming home from work earlier than normal yesterday and saw a newer SRT8 coming up quick. I was in the express lanes and it was wide open. When he got near me I egged him on some to run. We got in like 3-4 good runs. Open highway and no other cars. I would have liked to start at a lower...
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    is20 GSW vs Kia Stinger GT

    Ran into a Stinger GT the other day on my way home. The guy was driving fast in and out of a few cars ahead of me and then shot towards the express lanes. I followed and tried to catch up. One slow car in the left lane allowed me to get behind him. He then shot around the car on the right and...
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    FS: JB4 with data cable

    Not mine. Selling for a friend from the Facebook group. **Sold**
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    Trade: Lincoln Weld-pak 100 for winter wheels

    Anyone have a cheap set of winter wheels in NJ? Looking to trade a Lincoln Weld-pak 100 welder with extra nozzles, tips, gloves, and helmet
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    Staggered heights and ABS

    Can I run staggered height without triggering a fault with the abs sensor? There would be a .4” height difference
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    Gti vs golf downpipe

    As most of you guys know, I'm running game the stock downpipe with a gutted cat. I'm considering doing the same thing to a gti downpipe though since it's larger diameter piping. I've heard mixed opinions and respect them all. I still have the stock cat back. Will the 2-1/2" downpipe help things...
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    IS20+JB4=no problem, IS20+Stage2=blown engine

    I'm posting for a friend from Facebook. He was on a JB4 and IS20 with no issues. He even ran as high as 27 psi tapering to 20 with no issues. He wanted to flash because he wanted to remove the speed limiter and be able to do left foot braking. He had the car flashed to stage 2. There wasn't an...