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  1. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    Join us in long Beach.... 3.12.22
  2. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    This Saturday Volkswagen and Audi meet at the new Hoonigan's shop.
  3. Mk7jorge_310

    ABS Module Heat Shield??

    My cobb tuning downpipe came with the heat shield.
  4. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    That was a godd run today!!
  5. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    No it was actually the lastsunday group. We went through westlake blvd down to Neptune's net then back
  6. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    This one was a fun one!!
  7. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    Naa thats not me . I live on the block in front of the dignity center. Ive seen that mk7 at hiccups before too
  8. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

  9. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    Santa Monica next week!!!
  10. Mk7jorge_310

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed my aerofabb front splitter
  11. Mk7jorge_310

    Looking for more turbo sounds

    A turbo muffler delete will help
  12. Mk7jorge_310

    SOLD - ECS Big Bore Inlet Pipe

    How much to cut my 🐩 hair?? Lol
  13. Mk7jorge_310

    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    Last sunday cruise !!!
  14. Mk7jorge_310

    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    Who needs a truck! Lol
  15. Mk7jorge_310

    How could I make my Gti MK7 Faster?

    Welcome!! Sounds like you bought the wrong car for your build.
  16. Mk7jorge_310

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Nice!!!! Cobb makes fuel pump internals for mk7
  17. Mk7jorge_310

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Aerofabb spoiler extension. Ive been waiting months for them to have it in stock
  18. Mk7jorge_310

    Best Catted Downpipe ?

    I like my cobb downpipe. Its really well made and makes the car so much better
  19. Mk7jorge_310

    Found... aerofabb spoiler extension

    Thats crazy bro just yesterday I emailed them to ask and he said the was no eta on the material he uses to make it . Just ordered one hopefully its not a glitch. Thanks