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  1. lazy_jameson

    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Looking for 18" or 19" wheels/tires combos, preferably with good condition tires.
  2. lazy_jameson

    [FS] OZ Leggera 19x8.5

    Interested!, but which 'tri-state'? what's your zip?
  3. lazy_jameson

    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Interested in the apex wheels. How are the tires?
  4. lazy_jameson

    Remove cam girdle/cover without removing lower timing cover?

    Hi Quebster, Debating DIYing this job at home (not my only car, I have a bunch of free time and tools) - any plans to do a full write up? did you use any repair manuals for this job? Thanks!
  5. lazy_jameson

    Wet spark plug threads

    I actually have done a few valve covers on a few BMWs so I feel like I should be able to take care of this, even if I give myself a few days and work slowly. However, i'm now getting to the point in my life where I value my free time more than money (within reason) lol. I unfortunately got a...
  6. lazy_jameson

    Wet spark plug threads

    I have the same issue on my MK7 R, 102k miles. Cylinder 4 was pretty bad. Just asked a shop for a quote to get it resealed (btw it is called a 'girdle' not a valve cover) - expecting it to be kind of up there. May take a stab at DIYing it, someone else on the forums just did it but it's not a...
  7. lazy_jameson

    p3, carbon steering wheel, 8" screen, spare tire...

    Wow I really want that spare tire kit but I’m all the way in Cali. The shipping would probably be insane because of the weight of the wheel. With that said would you be open to shipping the trim piece and foam pieces separately? Shipping those shouldn’t be too bad
  8. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Cobb AP for mk7 GTI + DSG + EQT tunes

    bump, added photos showing it's unmarried state.
  9. lazy_jameson

    FS: Single Neuspeed RSe12 Gunmetal - JUST $70!!! Bay Area

    I’ll take it. Located in Fremont, just picked up a R and put rse10s on it, this will work nicely as a spare for me.
  10. lazy_jameson

    WTB Cobb Accessport

    I have one for sale, check my post history. Local buyer flaked so open to shipping. Feel free to dm me. Unmarried properly, has eqt stage 1 and eqt dsg tunes on it as well as the cobb factory tunes.
  11. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Cobb AP for mk7 GTI + DSG + EQT tunes

    Bump not sold
  12. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Clubsport s muffler

  13. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Cobb AP for mk7 GTI + DSG + EQT tunes

    pending sale...
  14. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Cobb AP for mk7 GTI + DSG + EQT tunes

    Howdy all, looking to sell my cobb AP. Moved on up to a golf r this week so selling my old parts. its a properly unmarried Cobb AP with DSG Unlocked for a MK7 GTI. I have EQT Stage 1 and EQT DSG tune. I believe the dsg tune will work on any car with matching TCU number but YMMV. I had the 6spd...
  15. lazy_jameson

    *sold* Clubsport s muffler

    Moved on up to a Golf R this week. Selling my GTI parts. great condition, you will need an exhaust clamp or you can just get it welded in. Not looking to ship at this time, local pickup in the Fremont or Union city area only. Asking for $400. Currently on back order at some retailers til June 2022.
  16. lazy_jameson

    *sold* JB4 with Bluetooth and O2 Harness

    Bump, still for sale. Apologies for the late reply to you guys too, been off the grid a bit and for some reason all forum messages went to my gmail spam. Selling my MK7 GTI and moving to a MK7 Golf R, so will be posting a few more items as well. I'm in NorCal but will be in LA on the 22nd to...
  17. lazy_jameson

    FS: Cobb AP MK7/7.5 Golf R w/ DSG and ECU tunes - $700 shipped

    Hey is the AP still available? I live in norcal, actually picking up a Golf R on Dec 22nd from LA and driving back. Noticed you're in LA so i'd love to pick it up when i'm in town... LMK.