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  1. Johnny Blaze

    NBA Yahoo Fantasy League (need two teams Draft sunday 15 @ 8pm)

    Hi all, i have a league of 10 teams going in NBA fantasy with Draft this Sunday Live @ 8:00pm. Looking for two more, $20 buy in. Anyone care to join?
  2. Johnny Blaze

    FS: OEM GTI Key

    I have a OEM GTI key for sale, forgot to give it with the trade in.. make an offer, not sure what they are worth..
  3. Johnny Blaze

    FS: 20mm spacers w/ bolts *brand new* 57.1 hub centric

    I have a set of 20mm spacers with black bolts brand new hub-centric, was gonna use them with my stock wheels. $40 picked up in 91316.
  4. Johnny Blaze

    Can anyone help me pick up a WinBook TW801 tablet?

    i have one i can sell to you, i used it once for vag com, and that was it.. PM me i could shoot you some pics etc
  5. Johnny Blaze

    FS: JB1 w/ Data Cable rev1

  6. Johnny Blaze

    FS: VAG COM ross tech micron can

  7. Johnny Blaze

    Not my relationship woes

    send her to my house, i have candy
  8. Johnny Blaze

    Rotiform KPS

    Anyone pre-ordered these wheels? If so what size did you end up with? Looking to buy a set, not decided if 18 or 19. Anyone with pics ? or any idea on weight?
  9. Johnny Blaze

    Just sharing my 340i

    i don't think they have any new 2015 335's or that would be a great deal! the new 340s are even nicer!
  10. Johnny Blaze

    Just sharing my 340i

    wow thats a nice looking car...been thinking of getting into a 335/340, 2015/16
  11. Johnny Blaze

    Smiling pile of poo....

    i wish i had the car play :/
  12. Johnny Blaze

    NBA Playoffs 2016

  13. Johnny Blaze

    NBA Playoffs 2016

    yikes Toronto was absent tonight again...this series is at least entertaining..
  14. Johnny Blaze

    Neuspeed RSe102

    Can you post your Neuspeed RSe102 pics, since i sold my RSe10, i been thinking of getting these next in 19x8.5 going from 18 to 19 maybe :rolleyes:
  15. Johnny Blaze

    NBA Playoffs 2016

    Wow Curry came back with a bang... This guys is from another planet Sent from my iPhone 2 using Tapatalk
  16. Johnny Blaze

    NBA Playoffs 2016

    I mean im a huge Laker fan, but i have no say for a couple of years...LOL my money on SA or GS