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  1. kurupt_hawaiian

    From my GTI to a new Q5.

    Couldn't work out a good deal with Audi...they were just trying to rip me off with the trade in and wouldn't budge on price. I miss my old Ram1500 that I traded in for the GTI so I just went to Dodge to check out the Durango and the Ram. Durango had lots of space and luxuries but just couldn't...
  2. kurupt_hawaiian

    From my GTI to a new Q5.

    I'm not worried about the power, I had my fun with the k04. I need more space because we are expecting... but when I really look at the Q5 it has more leg room and headspace, but it's still pretty small. Q7 is out of my price range too. So I'm kind of stuck right now. I have been looking at...
  3. kurupt_hawaiian

    From my GTI to a new Q5.

    What do you all think of this trade? Has anyone gone this route yet? Biggest thing I would miss about the GTI is the speed and acceleration. The Q5 is so nice and luxurious it's a hard bargain. Thinking about this trade really hard.
  4. kurupt_hawaiian

    Mk7 GTI turbo

    What turbo does the Mk7 GTI come stock with? Is it the same IHI as the mk6?